Brand:Alessandro Zambelli
BrandAlessandro Zambelli


Material: Wood Leather
Typology: Armchair
Client: Rudi Rabitti
Framing the mysterious and elusive logic of a miracle in the tangibility of daily living ? this is the essence of PANIEPESCI. Thus a mosaic of panels encloses, and at the same time reveals, the symbolic elements and the essence of the miraculous event itself ? the alternating azure blues of the sea and gold of the wheat fields in this seat represent the miracle of the loaves and the fishes. It is the number 5 ? so present in the descriptions of the sacred text, but also in the life of Philip himself ? which defines the size of the chair, the backrest being, sure enough, 5 panels high. The geometric alternation of the mosaic panels is composed in an ascending layout, ethereal in the verticality of its vision, yet at the same time compact, almost curled up around its circular form. How can it not bring to mind one of the most famous Roman temples, the only one dedicated to all the gods and the only one in Rome surviving to this day ? PANIPESCI could indeed also be seen like this, as a miniature ?Pantheon?, but more compact and familiar, quotidian and domestic. The choice of materials has not been driven by cold, practical considerations either, rather leaving room for strongly symbolic motivations. The Italian walnut ? in nature a tree symbolic of life which regenerates ? used for the structure combines with the backrest and seat in leather, natural material par excellence. In other words, the tangibility of life in its eternal flow inside a chair which embodies a miracle.