Home accessories play a significant role in maintaining the luxurious living standard of the individuals. In this competitive world, the brand for exclusive home accessories which comes out on the top is Filigree. In literary terms, Filigree represents ornamental work of creativity with the help of wires or laces. Filigree has maintained the meaning of its name by providing varied range of home accessories comprising of napkin rings, cutlery sets, candle holder, salad sets, and various other home accessories. The best part about all these accessories is that they are mostly handcrafted or beaded.

All these colorful as well as formal accessories of Filigree are incorporated with the designs and idea of every culture, tradition and genre and considering the tastes of the new generation. Having a huge base in Bombay, Filigree has been able to create a respectable position across the globe as a leading brand for home accessories. All the accessory lovers have an opportunity to choose from their wide ranging designer products.

The basic reason why the products of Filigree are the preference of every individual is that they all are infused with exceptional thinking of the workers, workmanship and high class quality. Apart from handcrafted and beaded home accessories, they also provide dazzling gifts for the people to present your near and dear ones.

They provide a complete picture of self expression and art in their products thereby providing them with a classy look. The kind of material which they use is also unique and reflects its own class. Improve your dining experience by the products of Filigree. Looking at the salad sets and the cutlery sets, you will get an image of modern dining standards which is equivalent to gold. If you add the typical candle holders of Filigree on your dining table, you will be dazzled by the sparkling atmosphere created by the candle holders. Their impeccable quality control has made them outstand from others.

Inside Outside Magazine (April 2012)