Fierabolzano Messebozen

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Fiera Bolzano Spa Piazza Fiera 1, I - 39100, Bolzano, Italy

Fierabolzano Messebozen based in Bolzano, Italy is a well known organization of trade fairs and exhibitions. The tradition of fair in Bolzano has been dated back in 1070 whose first evidence can be seen in the trade fair of Alps. In order to promote the economy, trade as well as cultural relations, the ultimate geographical location of Bolzano and its undeniable role in bridging the gap between south and north part of Europe possess significant importance.
The very first modern fair was organized in the year 1948 with the name of the Trade fair. However, Fierabolzano Messebozen acquired a solid and official base in the year 1998 by organizing a popular exhibition with the name of Hotel which was especially dedicated to the hotel sector.

Since 2003, Fierabolzano Messebozen became a company of joint stock with Legislation of Europe and has been very much adaptive. Over the years, they continued to expand their reach of trade shows by organizing huge series of exceptionally specialized exhibitions which included the Agriculture fair, the Leisure fair, the Bolzano hotel fair, the Office Buro fair and many more. Apart from these, some other exclusive trade fairs organized by Fierabolzano Messebozen include Bauschau, Alpitec, Interpoma and many more.