Festival Of Architecture & Interior Designing Delhi 2015

Festival of Architecture & Interior Designing to be held from 25th to 26th September 2015 at Hotel the Lalit in New Delhi offers an outstanding celebration of extra ordinary space design. This event addresses our entire surrounding as related to designs. The designs are the most silent influencers of individual's lifestyle, thinking as well as behavior. This significant event opens an outstanding platform for all the innovative and creative minds to explore their distinctive roles, influences as well as responsibilities related to this particular industry. In order to provide an uplifted lifestyle to the people, the major focus is pertinent towards housing solutions, land development, as well as infrastructure. It is an amazing festival which is celebrated by the design professionals for them only.

The FOAID of 2014 was significantly based on the theme of Transformation which effectively focused on the transformation of the built environment by effective architectural imagination, client commitment, professional teamwork and technological development. This festival was significantly joined by about 325 renowned names of the designing industry from all across the world. The most highlighting feature of this outstanding event is its cocktail conversations and the Awards of design icon.

Innovative Minds Meet

To escalate any event to its maximum potential, it needs to be mentored and guided by the stalwarts of the industry. to make it the industry's own affair, this year is being put together under the aegis of some of the most innovative minds from the design and allied industries. The Minds Meet , as the name suggests, is an amalgamation of achievers - architects, interior designers, developers & builders, infrastructure experts, and the like.The Innovative Minds Meet is a precursor to the celebration that FOAID 2015 promises to be. When 25 innovatively creative minds come together, the air is sure to be charged with excessive energy that would result in a power-packed Festival of Architecture and Interior Design in September 2015!

Design Arena

Design Arena is one of its kind Unique Architects & Designers project Showcase Expo Integrated in FOAID 2015 where 40 Design Professionals from across the country will showcase their award winning Executed Architecture & design projects to the audience in a pictorial representation. It's an attempt to give pursuit to the Modern & Innovative Architecture & Interior Designing in India.

National Conference


Based on the Festival Theme INNOVATION , the main objective of FOAD 2015 National Conference will be the development and progress of new strategies that will assist the Interior Design industry and Professionals. The Prominent Conference will cover numerous key topics related to Architecture & Design in the form of Panel Discussions, Presentations , Design Debates & many more. The Speakers of the conference will be addressed by numerous industry experts and professionals having practical knowledge and experience of the industry. The participants will disclose their valuable thoughts , ideas and research results. A number of Developers , Architects , Consultants , PMC Contractors , investors &Decision makers from allied industry will join the National Conference to know about the latest advancements & Developments of the Industry.

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha is a Japanese word that means chit-chat and is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown in 20 seconds. This means that each speaker will get a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds get his/her views across. This format, which keeps presentations concise and fast-paced, will have multiple speakers expressing their views on "INNOVATION", which is the central theme for FOAID 2015. The evening of 25th September will see the coming together of 18-20 professionals coming up on stage to share their perspectives and achievements with the audience.

Design Icon Awards

An Evening Dedicated to the Architecture & Interior Design Visionaries of India. The Design Icon Awards will Honor the Winners of the Architecture Ideas 2.0 along with 40 Participating Design Stalwarts. It will be an evening to celebrate the Excellence in Architecture & Interior Designing in India. Design Icon Awards raises the bar for practitioners and it rightly celebrates and commends those who perform above the norm. This Award will create an industry legacy by bringing together Leading National Design Practices operating across the country.

Architecture Ideas 2.0

The aim of this competition is to give a platform to India's young and upcoming Architects and Interior Designers a chance to showcase their talent. It is also an attempt at creating a meaningful platform that would benefit all the stakeholders.

CP Kukreja Awards for Design Excellence

CP Kukreja Awards for Design Excellence 2015, a prestigious design competition award conducted by Foundation for Design Excellence in collaboration with Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing (FOAID) 2015, is a significant attempt in encouraging the role of Youth in imagining future of the built environment.

Festival Of Architecture & Interior Designing Delhi 2015