Fensterbau Frontale India Delhi, India, February 2014

Fensterbau/ Frontale is annual celebration event going to be held at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, Bangalore from 26-28 February 2015 is world leading exhibition for windows, doors and facades. It has developed continuously to become number one information pool for international decision-makers. In 2014, 1320 exhibitors made this exhibition a hub for woodcrafts, windows, doors and facades. Now some 108,000 visitors find the latest technologies, components and prefabricated units, plus an attractive supporting program and expert advice.

Competition Brief:

Buildings are among the latest energy consumers of world. In India, we have a great legacy of following sustainable building traditions, intrinsic to the architecture. We are loosing the opportunity to carry tradition by blindly adopting global standards of fenestration. We have reach to the conclusion, to make new buildings it is  more sustainable to  retrofit existing buildings.  Rather than destroy and recreate infrastructure, it makes more sense to make use of the embodied energy in buildings.

Choose an iconic building in your city or the nearest metropolitan area. It must have been constructed before 1990 and must be at least 6 stories tall. Public use buildings are preferred, privately owned buildings are allowed. The goal is to achieve at least 50% reduction in the energy consumed by the building by retrofitting the facade for better efficiency. This is chance to give an existing cultural and city icon a new lease of life.

Fensterbau Frontale India Delhi, India, February 2014