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The Fenesta Building is the largest provider of UPVC windows in India. They specialize in the designing, manufacturing and installing of the precisely engineered and custom-built door systems and UPVC or Un-Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride windows. The company provides end to end solutions ranging from the extrusion of the UPVC contour to installing the windows. The plant for extrusion of UPVC is set up in Kota and the manufacturers blend UPVC and make it compatible with the harsh climate of the country. After the profiles are extruded in the Kota plant, they are sent to the factories located all across the country for further processing. Apart from that, the fabrication units of the company are situated in all the major cities of the country such as Mumbai, Bhiwadi for north India, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. All the fabrication units focus on establishing international standard in the productivity of the quality ensured products.

The company has a major part of 5200 crores in DSCL group and has established 16 offices for sales and 6 factories as well. The company has more than 100 associated of marketing that are spread across the country.

Made for India, Made in India:
Below enlisted are some of the qualities and specifications of the designed and manufactured UPVC windows:

  • These windows are resistant to bear loads of heavy wind and they are precisely engineered to contradict the wind loads up to 3000 per hour.
  • The windows are resistant to heavy rains.
  • The company has designed new options for each and every city.

The Fenesta UPVS windows offer a wide range of benefits as compared to traditional wood, steel and aluminum windows. Some of the benefits are enlisted as below:

  • They are dust and noise proof. The silicon sealing, non conducting properties and multi point lock give the feature of noise and dust proof to them.
  • The amazing strength of the windows allow them to manufacture them in large size so that they may allow more amount of sunlight to enter resulting more light in the room.
  • These windows are monsoon proof and save energy efficiently.
  • They cater proper ventilation in the room.
  • They do not require a lot of maintenance such as painting or polishing and are durable and long lasting.

About DCM Shriram Consolidated Limited (DSCL)
DSCL is a top most and leading business multinational having a turnover of 5200 crores. The company’s business profile consist of two primary businesses as Agri-Rural business including Urea, Sugar, farm inputs, SSP fertilizers etc and second one is Chlor Vinyl business including the caustic soda, PVC resins, Calcium carbide, power and cement. They have an also a value added business called as Fenesta building systems.


Certified by the independent authorities:
The products of Fenesta are tested by the specialists and the company has set the standards in the weather resistivity, surface finishing, tolerances of dimensions, stability in the UV rays, welding strength, wind load, filtration of air, and resistivity from the penetration of water. The thermal and sound insulation specifications are certified by the IIT, Rourkee.

No short cuts in manufacturing:
The company strives to cater ultimate and cutting edge designs with superior productivity and in order to achieve that, they never acquire the path of shortcuts and follow the international standards of manufacturing at each level of production.

Hardware from the leading manufacturers of world:
The each and every little detail of the product has a stamp of quality and authenticity on it. The hardware which is exported from Europe, is quality tested for 20,000 cycles.

Tested for Indian conditions:
The products are tested for Indian weather conditions so that they can bear the load of torrential wind and heavy rains.

The products manufactured at Fenesta are entirely customized and individualized as per the every individual customer's needs and demands. Besides, they proffer highly cost effective and budgeted window solutions.

Fenesta wheels the entire production cycle of its products starts from the extrusion of UPVC and ends at the installation of the same. There are several steps of this supply chain as discussed below:
  • Blending: The PVC supply comes from its own plant located in Kota and this tropical blend is manufactured with addition of additives to make it bearable and compatible with all weather conditions.

  • Extrusion: The Company is well skilled and experienced in the extrusion of the PVC and this promotes the facilities of supplying state of the art window and door profiles all across the country.

  • Design: the designs of the windows and door profiles are suggested by the skilled and certified professional's team of Fenesta.

  • Manufacturing and installation: There are five factories located in major parts of the country and they are near to major markets as well so as to deliver customized window and door designs in accordance with the client's needs and requirements.
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