The Fantini is a company and a family as well, and it has been entrenched in Pella, on the coast of the Lake D’Orta. This is a very small town where water is the main source of businesses established here. The products are manufactured here for routine life and to bring the water in the houses which is an essential part of today’s life. This place is isolated from the rest of the urban concentrations. The power of the water of the Lake D’Orta, is amazingly special and the inhabitants of this place work around the premises of water either directly or indirectly.

Since from the ancient times, the work and profession of the people living here is connected to the water and metal, that is where the Fantini Rubinetti comes into the picture. The company whose ambitions are very clear, targets towards creating innovative products and never compromises with the design and technology. They amalgamate both of them as indissoluble elements and aim to attain perfection. They have very strong and unshakable certainty that with innovation of this production, the microcosm can add to improve the quality of life to a great extent.

The main part of the company DNA is design and it has years of experience and pioneering as its heritage in the field of production. They believe in the team work and understand that the quality and better outcomes are result of only a dedicated team work. The team members of the company perform their individually their tasks with great expertise and in a skilled manner. The designers, technicians, managers and workers, all contribute essentially and are the vital part of the final outcome. All these quality makes the Fantini unique and incomparable from others and has set apart from them as well. The company has sound knowledge about the Italian products and has dispersed them all across the world to its esteemed clientele. They have strong international and national network ranges from Shanghai, New York, Mumbai, Cape Town, Buenos Aires and many others.