Most of the time wood flooring is considered as a hectic and expensive work. But it brings beauty, design, elegance to house. Exotic Décor is a leading brand owner of Notion Luxury Flooring concepts in India in the field of wooden flooring and exterior cladding. They are known for excellent quality solutions for interior and exterior flooring. It provides both mid and high end solutions. They have wide range of products with different designs and colors that are best suited for Indian culture. They have a wide distribution network through which products are delivered on time. Company provides value for money services that are efficient and fast. With a strong team of experts and professionals company designs products of quality standard.

  1. They are the reputed flooring company in India.
  2. They have transparency and integrity in their work.
  3. Manufacture quality products and delivers fast services.
  4. Are innovative and committed in their work
  5. Make durable products for long time.
  6. Make flooring business more informative to customers and clients
  7. They offer Value for money products
  1. To educate our people, clients and associates about technicalities of various product.
  2. To Make our customer's understand value, health, hygiene as their first priority.
  3. To provide our clients best products with high durability and right value for money.
  4. To make flooring business more informative for our clients and Partners.