Exotic is an organisation engaged in executing Interior Projects in all major cities in India. We have executed various projects in the last fifteen years. Our quality of work and timely completion of projects have, to the entire satisfaction of Architects, Interior Designers, Clients and PMCs has evolved in generating repeat clientele. Our versatility have given us the opportunity to execute Interior Projects for MNCs, Investment Bankers, Data Centres, Banks and other Corporate.

We have also had the opportunity to work with Leading Architects and Interior Designers and are confident of being well based to take on even more challenging and intricate projects. We have in house Interior Professionals and engineers and have the reach to out-source leading Designers, Architects and other allied professionals according to the need of the day and to the specific requirements.

Our approach to Marketing and Interior Project requirement is to create, modify, enhance and protect our client's interest through creative Presentation of truthful information about our Products/services. The carefully balanced combination of knowledge of the Market conditions, the innovative approach to client's requirements and our vast experiences in the field of Interior Projects all culminate to various needs of our clients.

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Exotic Innovations Pvt Ltd #361/24, Arunodaya 7th Cross, Wilson Garden, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560027