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Exind, a one stop for trendy and contemporary home furnishing, fabrics and textiles, has experienced of about 4 decades. Through this experience they have become industry leader and experts. Being purveyor of quality fabrics for home furnishing in India, they source cotton fabrics that are sustainable from environmental point of view.

The company was set up by Late. K.S Parmeswaram. He inspired and guided the organization due to having close relationship with community of Indian weaver. He played a vital role in reviving the craft skills of Indian weavers and that is why he earned a lot of prestige and reputation in this industry.

In the time period of these four decade, Exind availed the golden opportunity to work with Indian weavers and learning their traditional weaving style. This made the company a trusted and reliable business associate. Their chief aim is to continue this dying skill and tradition by demonstrating their amazing work on an international level.

Bed linen, kitchen linen, yoga mats, bath towels and lots more is comprised in organic cotton fabric collection. Recently, they have introduced 100% decorative products that are eco-friendly handmade items. These eco-friendly items are made up of natural fibers and perfect for decoration purposes.
Most importantly, they make sure that they can fulfill needs and requirements of customers with an ideal amalgamation of their experience and skillful talent of Indian weavers. The entire range of products is customized in accordance with customer’s specifications in terms of style, quality of fabric and sizes.

Being associated with Exind is probably an intelligent decision as they have a comprehensive understanding towards fabrics of home furnishing. Every process of manufacturing ensures the delivery of high quality products meeting the demands of customers particularly. A sense of sustainability is inculcated in the business ranging from dyes and materials that are used in crafting and designing products.

It is maintained right from the meticulous selection of organic yarn and raw materials. Dyes certified with the GAT certification are sourced from the reliable suppliers of industry. For purely organic products, only Ayurvedic and herbal dues are used. They also ensure that suppliers are involved in waste management for eco-friendliness. Waste water is purified and is re-used for agricultural purposes. Apart from that, the solid waste extracted is cautiously disposed by suitable methods.

Weaver welfare
Since the last four decades, they are truly committed to the betterment of traditional weavers and provide them with healthy and encouraged work environment. They have done efforts endlessly for the development of weaver as well as traditional craft. This is the reason that the company has long-term and strong relationship with them. With every associate or business partner, condition of weavers is personally verified by them. This is the way they make process of selection more stringent with an assurance that the final outcome will satisfy the international standard of quality and authenticity. Other important fact about weaver welfare is that they do not deal with the artisans or weavers who promote or are engaged in child labor.

Quality assurance
Exind takes prode in its quality ensured products that are delivered to customers by a team of highly qualified and professionally trained team. Careful inspections are done ensuring excellence of products. Every single product is surpassed through a four stage inspection process which is helpful in detection of stains and flaws. Afterwards, essential corrections are made and you are catered with flawless and stainless products at most competitive price range.

Customized design and production
a wide range of samples are available with Exind that you can select from or else they also personalize the designs as per the demands and specifications of customers. They have an in-house team for designing that updates itself with the changing trends and advancement in the fabric design. These updates allow them to create fashionable and trendy styles with various combinations and colors in fabric. After you place an order, their production team communicates with you through suppliers and weavers.


Exind not only offers best in class home furnishing solution inculcated with a responsibility in each and everything they do. They always aim at to give back and not taking back. they have a painstaking approach that promises benevolent standards for all the things that are included in their services and products. Especially, the weavers are valued and respected for their amazing contribution to sustain this traditional craft and skills. When it comes to the eco-friendliness of their products, they follow every possible step to maintain the ecological balance and not harming it in any manner.

Sustaining tradition
Kinnikannan, a handloom weaver from the past 58 years is serving the company and his talent bespeak for him. He has been dedicating and preserving this tradition since many years. This commitment of his is clearly reflected while he spins the yarn and intersects the thread on the loom. Togetherness of kunni and exind and many other weavers, the company caters consistent quality and maintains interest of people in handloom cotton fabrics. They are dedicated to provide you with nothing but the best.

Sustaining a community
As Exind has over 4 decades of experience while working with several skilled and talented weavers such as Kunnikaran. The organization plays an important role in contribution to revive this craft and tradition which is continuously fading. They are partnered with local co-operative societies who are engaged in training women and individuals keen to learn the art of hand-weaving. In this way, the company is giving opportunities of employment to them. They strive to construct skills of rural workers who are unorganized along with empowering the young women.

Sustaining the environment
The company is extremely choosy while selecting suppliers of fabrics and they make sure that suppliers with whom they are associating with are practicing waste management effectively. They use organic yarn and dyes with GAT certification. This indicates that how much they are dedicated to sustain the environment. During this process, a particular amount of waste water is generated which is further purified in order to be utilized in agricultural fields. Apart from that, the chemically treated waste material is disposed carefully by the initiatives of Kerala government.