Excella Worldwide being Exporters and Sourcing Suppliers acts as the Procurement Specialist for Clients having requirements for various products for projects in Hospitality industry, Residential and Commercial Real estate, HNI residences, , Education Corporate Offices and Health-care.

Higher levels of trust:

Excella as your sourcing agent helps you build trust with reputed Chinese manufacturers for long-term business dealings.

Local representation:

When you hire a sourcing agent, your business gets a boost with local representation in the area where you're buying.

Experienced Team:

A team of experienced professionals with strong industry know-how in China as well as in India to co-ordinate for various work projects.

Finding best deals:

With our local office in China, the language barrier could be easily overlooked, allowing better negotiation and achieving more competitive deals.

Effective lines of communication:

Our local representatives communicate with suppliers in local language, allowing you to get your message across in clear terms.

Managing everything from A to Z:

Excella undertakes the entire process from "Sourcing to Shipment", further following up with you to ensure products are received in perfect condition.

In-house Orientation center:

Our in-house orientation center has a wide range of products available for demonstration, minimizing your sourcing time.

Locating Relaible Vendors:

Excella's local presence allows running a background and quality check on suppliers, ensuring the reliability and trustworthiness.

Our Ethos

Our characteristic spirit of a culture, era and community as manifested in our attitudes and aspirations.

Our Vision

The ultimate aim of Excella Worldwide is to enhance the value, and raise the standards surpassing benchmarks set within the industry. We aim to surpass the clients' expectations through timely deliveries of quality solutions on all projects. Our goal is to identify exceptional requirements for exclusive projects by seeking the latest innovative trends at their source, make definitive predictions about new directions and innovations in the industry and hence providing- Evolved Excellence.

Our Philosophy

Excella Worldwide is a preferred global partner for the interior and architectural industry and remains keenly attuned to the pulse of the trends driven by the taste of today's more sophisticated world traveller. We combine detailed knowledge of products with a depth of expertise that enables us to identify interior design trends at the source, make strategic predictions about the new directions and innovations within the industry and also influence living standards at a global level. This is indication of being future-ready, looking beyond the immediate needs of tomorrow. We adapt to maximize and boost our Client's project, while minimizing the impact on the budget and environment - and doing it sustainably; which means more than just "green". It means Economy + Value with good ideas that last. Furthermore, over the years we have been steadily attaining higher levels of professionalism and continue to do so with each prized project. For more than half a decade our dedicated team of professionals have been guided by the Excella philosophy in creating a strong "sense of place" - delivering on time and within budget. We philosophically embrace and drive the influences of new technology, new location and fresh ideas. We continue to push the aesthetic envelope, thereby setting new benchmarks across the industry. At Excella Worldwide we have a strong set of values and beliefs that run through everything we do.

Our Strength

Relevant database of more than 200 product categories and over 3,000 suppliers. Exclusive in-house orientation centre of exquisite products for distinguished projects. Bulk buying capacity empowering us to procure products at best prices with multiple suppliers to get value-for-money for our clients. A team of experienced professionals with strong industry know-how in China as well as in India to co-ordinate work for various projects. Professional Quality Checks, best practices, best in-house processes and ethos - those are sacrosanct to deliver best customer experience. Rightly understanding the concept of designer and project owner and directing them to proper manufacturers / suppliers in order to optimize time and budget. High customer satisfaction rate with more than 80% of new clients being referred through word of mouth. Ability to tab into current local mind-set of the client and provide leverage to the project idea bank.

Requirement Gathering:

We personally meet every one of our Clients, introduce Excella to them and work hand-in-hand with Clients to understand the complete requirements of your project.

Procurement Ideation:

At this stage, based on an analysis of your requirement, we propose feasible options and customized solutions that will help you acquire what you need.

Sourcing & Verifying:

We provide complete sourcing, supplier/manufacturer verification, quality inspection, translation and import management services and optimize the sourcing process.

Trip Co-ordination:

As part of our co-ordination services, we also provide miscellaneous services, which includes assistance in planning your entire Itinerary with Travel, Stay & local Transport in China products selection.

Project Co-ordination:

As part of our sourcing and quality control services, we help Clients to ensure that the entire sourcing process is a breeze, and at the end of it clients get the expected results.

Quality Check:

After extensive research, we have developed an required Quality Control System which is suitable to the industry and enables us to substantially reduce the risk of importing products from various vendors of China thus creating WOW factor for clients.

Container Planning:

Consolidation of all materials, planning for export on basis of weight & cubic meter of the products ordered and accordingly arrange for containers and try our best to minimize shipping costs.

Loading of Materials:

At this stage, we do container wise planning and management for loading of materials in the assigned containers. Our Loading team tries to utilize every CBM of the container at its best.


Shipping our Client's products to the project destination is so very important that client do not want to see any delays at this stage, especially after all the effort everyone have put into the procurement process we make sure to achieve project timeline.


We help our clients to provide them the doorstep delivery solution with utmost possible care for all the products in timely manner so that the project must sustain the given time line.

Installation Arrangement:

After delivery of products, we will help you with any installation procedures. When needed, we can arrange for an installation team or individual technicians locally at the project site.

Effective Customer Care:

In case of rare discrepancies, damage or any other issues, we help you solve them very quickly by co-ordinating with the concerned vendors on your behalf.