Since the year 1993, Euro wood is the most trusted and renowned name in lumber. The company deals in manufacturing and exporting of manifold wood products. They not only offer engineered and laminated flooring but now also have become capable to offer unmatched and best in class manufactured hard wood flooring which is further available in finger jointed flooring, decking, wall panels, ceiling, finger jointed board, and wooden frames for doors that are also finger jointed. Besides, all these products come with a lot of species and variations. They are imported from all across the world to cater the customers the most elegant and exclusive products.

Their Aim
  • They primarily aim to satisfy the customers and those dealers that the company deals with. This is so that its constant and sustained growth is signified by them and it is their responsibility to take care of the customer's expectations and demand. They strive to multiply the quality and worth of products and to make the customer realize the true and genuine wood quality which is what matters the most.
  • The company has access to domestic market and aims to reach the markets located worldwide. The work oriented and dedicated staff of the company has enabled it to pursue nothing but only excellence. They are dedicated to proffer customers extra value added services and products. Best of the raw materials are used for domestic as well as international markets. Company's main advantages include top quality products, highly certified, professional and dedicated staff members and most importantly their system for quality control is an ISO 9001:2000 certified.
Their vision
  • The company's position in the market is the result of long-term strong bond with the business partners and to sustain a strong relation with the customers as well. This relation is established with suppliers that are provided with potential customers and returning markets. The suppliers seek for supplies that are reliable and trusted in terms of both volume and quality.