EURO brand is a renowned in the industry covering, from plywood to a conglomerate in manufacturing, distribution and marketing in decorative and building material products industry. Many factors dedication, commitment, vision, discipline and immense hard work have contributed to their success for last 15 years. Their quality products continue to help to grow more and more.


Various features being offered by laminate floorings are:

  • Versatile and durable
  • Variety of design options available. Due to this variety this flooring has become a favorite of architects, builders and decorators.
  • It is produced from some natural sustainable raw material
  • It contains no harmful chemical substance
  • It is scratch abrasion, stain, flame, loads and impacts resistant
  • Euro flooring is robust, firm , tough, durable, easy to clean and maintain
  • A foremost feature of laminate flooring that is maintains it sheen for longer period
Solid wood

There are many features of solid wood. Some of them include:

  • Its adds to its resale value
  • It is made from wood, so it is flame resistant
  • It is not affected by burning embers of cigarette, cigars etc.
  • The solid wood floorings are strong, tough, firm, easy to clean and resistive to heavy load and impacts.
  • It is long durable and longer time span.
  • It is made from natural material making solid wood flooring child eco-friendly.
  • Engineered wood:Various features about engineered wood:
    • It is a standalone completely different style of flooring
    • It is completely free from any installation concerns but limited by environment or location issues.
    • It is more resistant to moisture and humidity than solid wood
    • It is cross layered making it dimensionally stronger
    Various features of Bamboo flooring are:
    • It provides tremendous interior design flexibility and a tranquil ambience
    • It is made of all natural , high quality raw material which is water, insect and fire resistive
    • It helps in giving a total new look along with peace and harmony right in the space.
    • All in all, it is perfect choice for modern building and decorative use.
    EURO'S Vision:
    They work only with a vision to provide 100% customer satisfaction and always ready to set high standard for trade both for flooring industry and their own establishment.

    Their team of experts works with only a mission to provide high quality and complete flooring solutions through their technical knowledge, excellent service, innovation and commitment to their clients and associates.

    LAMINATES - Warranty

    Euro laminate offers flooring products with best combination of value and quality along with a wide range of different colors and styles. It offers commitment to honor strong and reliable warranties. For everyone when it comes for your home and family the best should be provided, that is why EURO laminates offers a 10 year warranty. This laminate flooring gives the warranty depending on various factors like type of floor, its use whether residential or commercial covering materials and manufacturing defects. However; these warranty terms begins with the day of purchase and effective between first original purchasers whose name is mentioned on the purchase invoice. The warranty policies are:

    • If the damage product is under warranty, EURO flooring will either repair or replace the product.
    • Customers must report such visible defective planks within 8 days of purchase
    • No complaints are accepted after the end of warranty. The duration of warranty is indicated clearly on packaging of the product.
    What is covered and for how long-

    Euro guarantees that the use of laminated surface is wear resistant and resistant to stain such as red wine or ketchups etc.

    What is not covered by the warranty-

    Under warranty the damage is not covered. The type of damage is wrong maintenance, accidents or wrong use of the Euro product. Abnormal wear includes inadequate protection against furniture, sand, abrasive pressures, flooded by refrigerators, pipes or installation not done according to installation manual, inappropriate removal or replacement of panels. Damage caused by corrosive or abrasive substances.

    SOLID WOOD- Warranty

    Solid wood warranty services are applicable to original purchaser and the flooring remain free from manufacturing defects in lamination, assembly, milling, dimension and grading. Another warranty services offered are:

    • The warranty period is of 15 years and is valid from date of purchase
    • Proper storage: The solid wood flooring must be stored in a proper storage environment. No exposure to moisture is suggested. It shouldn't be stored in outdoors, in garage or any dump areas.
    • Color variations in flooring are a natural condition due to species, age or character of flooring and exposure to UV light or sunlight.
    • Natural wood characteristics such as difference in grain, color, mineral streaks and various knots are not considered to be any kind of defects. It is a natural phenomenon that exposure to sunlight will bring change in color of wood.
    • We accept no warranty when board with defects are installed i.e. purchaser should inspect the flooring before installing. Warranty is not applicable to products sold or represented as 'seconds', 'close out' material or "as is".
    • Warranty doesn't cover damage caused due to negligence like scratches, stains etc.
    • This warranty doesn't include any natural expansion or contraction resulting in separation or damage caused by low or excessive humidity. As a warning, don't install the flooring over radiant floor heating.
    • This warranty doesn't cover any damage caused by moisture penetration, flooring, leaking, plumbing, overflowed sinks, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, or any similar damage. This warranty does not cover damage due to insect infestation after the product has been purchased.
    • Euro solid wood flooring assumes no liability for incidental or consequential damages.

    The warranties on engineered wood apply to 14 mm hardwood floors and are valid of purchases made on or after December, 2005. All the warranty conditions are applicable to products used in dry residential areas:

    • Structural Integrity Warranty warrants that the product shall be manufacturing defects free. These defects are delamination, milling and assembly.
    • UV acrylic with anti scratch top coat warrants that its face wear layer will not peel during period of 10 years of purchase. Gloss effect is not considered under wear-through.
    Conditions of Warranty
    The engineered wood warranty subjects to following condition:
    • a.Flooring has installed without any failure and in accordance with Euro's instructions and recommendations
    • b.That the purchase has not at any time during the warranty period permitted any part or parts of the flooring to be replaced with a part or parts not supplied or approved by Euro.
    • c.That the purchaser has not at any time during the warranty period permitted any part or parts of the flooring to be repaired by any person not authorized by Euro or Euro's distributor.
    • d.That the purchaser shall permit Euro's authorized representative(s) to inspect the flooring to ascertain the nature of the defect(s).
    Under the warranty following things are not covered:
    • a. Defects arisen out of faulty installations
    • b. Failures arise out of damage caused by circumstances out of ours control like excessive heat or vapor in the sub-floors. Euro doesn't recommend its flooring to be used in any floor heating kind of systems and hence no claim shall be provided for damage under such conditions.
    BAMBOO- Warranty

    A lifetime warranty against delamination. It offers dimensional stability. Bamboo flooring doesn't buckle, cup or wrap if installed properly using the installation guidelines


    Euro offers 25 years of warranty of aluminum oxide finis. This warranty is valid for residential traffic. However; for commercial use it is 5 years.


    Under warranty indentations, scratches or damages caused due to negligence, water, erosion, insects or failures to follow maintenance instructions, insufficient protection or misuse of original manufacturing products are not considered. Since bamboo is a natural product, EURO doesn't guarantee in color change due to natural characteristics of bamboo material.

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