Since the existence of Euro vitrified tiles in October 2003 emphasis has been given on providing the best quality products which matches the international standards. Euro started in 2003 with initial installed capacity of 35880 MTPA and then they installed their second line with a capacity of 44091 MTPA in December 2005. Currently they have a capacity to handle 79971 MTPA.

Euro Ceramics select their manufacturing from Sacmi, Italy who is leading suppliers of ceramic manufacturing products throughout the world. The tiles manufactured by Euro follows International standards ISO 13006 / EN 176 Group B1a. Also, due to high quality standards being followed we have received a certification from VJTI- Mumbai and Applied Consumer Services, Inc. - USA.

Euro Ceramic Tiles manufacturing and producing process

The Euro ceramic has brought a revolution in flooring industry due to which they we leaders at international level too. In order to provide the best their composition of raw material is gathered from best places like finest clay from Ukraine. The clay is then combined with the latest production technology under controlled accurate temperature Kilns up to 1200 degree C. Under this temperature the tiles are completely vitrified with moisture absorption below 0.05%. The most popular super white tiles are manufactured using this technology.

They have expanded their manufacturing plant to such a level which can handle a capacity of 90000 MTPA to manufacture composite marble. Also, their power plants have a manufacturing capacity of 10MW for uninterrupted stable supply of power

Euro vitrified tiles are designed in such a way they stay for longer period, remain stain free abrasion resistant, non-porous, intensely vitrified and extremely consistent in terms color, strength and other properties. They are an ultimate choice for various businesses like commercial, residential, retail etc.

Our Vision

  • We always visualize ourselves as the most innovative, creative and most effective company. We want Euro Ceramic to be known for quality, leadership on both national and International level
  • We want a leading brand in our business area and want to build a conglomerate and wish in creating an organization where everyone can participate with any problem
  • To set benchmarks which others should follow and those benchmarks becomes a standard for ceramic industry.

Euro Ceramics Ltd. have been participating in all the Inside Outside Mega Show events all over the country. Special emphasis has been given regarding the display of the tiles with particular emphasis to innovations and recently introduced value added products such as Stain, Scratch, Skid resistant tiles, Steppers, Risers, Bullnose etc.

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