Hindalco offers many products but Eternia aluminum windows are latest variety being offered by them. This is a dual feature product of both beauty and engineering. Its Italian design, great finishes and vivid color along with strength and longer durability has no comparison with anything.

Eternia windows are 100% aluminum made and environment friendly. Believe is it’s an ideal choice for any home interiors. In order to give the best look the windows are fully fabricated and installed by experts.

Eternia never compromise with its quality, so every window is made using a precision technology imported from Italy and customized according to customer needs.

Key Advantages

Eternia is superior to any other product currently available. Eternia Windows offer a host of unmatched features: 

  • Made from Hindalco aluminium extrusions 6063 T6 to ensure high strength and durability.
  • Made from virgin aluminium to provide superior anodizing and coating properties.
  • Rust-free and requires no maintenance.
  • European hardware and accessories for long-lasting trouble-free performance.
  • Smooth, noiseless and hassle-free operations.
  • Suitable for all-weather conditions.
  • Fabrication and installation by experienced fabricators.

  • Design:
  • Superior Italian design
  • Limitless colours and textures: Anodized, Powder-coated, PVDF & Wood finish.
  • Specialized Italian punching machine and tools for precision, consistency and superior finish.
  • Life of the aluminium window and retention of colour on exposure to sunlight - highest in the category

  • Tailor-Made Solutions:
  • Customized designs
  • Range of material, including frame and glass to suit different weather conditions
  • Expert assistance to cater to specific requirements
  • Eternia Vs Upvc Windows

    FeatureEternia Aluminium WindowsuPVC Windows
    Choice of colours and aestheticsCan be made available in unlimited colours and finishes. Smooth surface finish also ensures longevity of coloursPredominantly available in white, as colour tends to fade after prolonged exposure to sunlight. Few other colours and finishes available, but not preferred.
    MaintenanceNeeds very low maintenance. Very easy to maintain, can be done at home itself.Needs skilled labour. In some cases, the window may be needed to be removed and taken to the factory as well
    Durability under Extreme WeatheNo effect of UV radiation. Enables longer product life.Selectively absorbs UV radiations. This leads to colour degradation, loss of gloss, brittleness and visible chalking.
    Monsoon ResistanceIn-built gutter section for drainage of water, making it watertightSpecial rain tracks needs to be accommodated for drainage of water. Leads to higher cost
    Resistance to WindDesigned to withstand extreme wind pressure. Ideal for high-rise buildings and large windows (French windows)Reinforced with steel due to lower strength of uPVC. The metal is prone to rusting over period.
    Effect of expansion/contractionExpansion gap is not required. No effect on Door and windowCan weaken the welded joints if expansion gap is not provided, thereby difficulty in operation.
    Environment-friendly materialEndlessly recyclableMaterial quality tends to degrade with time and reuse. Harmful chemical emitted during manufacturing process.

    Eternia - Assist

    While constructing or redesigning a home windows are an important source for any home d?cor. So, Eternia offers a team of experts in making your choice of these windows. With them, you can avail a wide array of services like:
    • Design: Their team has experts who design range of products according to needs or tailor made windows with various features and technical specification.
    • Site survey: On requirement basis a trained surveyor is available to survey the site and suggest the window designs.
    • Installation: Unlike old tradition, Eternia windows are designed with modern European machineries.
    • Project Management: We believe in providing a solution to every project we handle whether design, installation, manufacturing or recommendation etc.
    • Post sales and customized service for projects: Our windows require minimum or nor services. In case of any issues, you can contact with your nearest location and we will process your application further.