Everything about Espanol
These days’ wall tiles are in demand for every home because they not only serve the covering purpose however a good source of wall decoration even. India’s one of the leading ceramic wall tiles is Surya Ceramics. Surya ceramic has a good market value in Indian business market regarding wall tiles industry.

Establishment history
Mr. Devrambhai Patel with his expert knowledge and experience launched Surya ceramic in 1994. Since its launch, they have gained so much popularity that everyone needs Surya tiles only. Surya ceramics was first company to import raw material and designs from Spain. They launched their most premium and exclusive high quality range of tiles ESPANOL tiles which is very much being liked by people

There are several varieties of wall tiles available in market, however; most popular category of tiles in ESPANOL because:
  • They offer wide range, all sizes, unique designs, exclusive effects and different textures. With different colors you can design your own tiles according to your taste.
  • To make their tiles, the raw material is exported specially from Spain
  • The raw material used is very eco friendly using LNG and helpful in producing high quality tiles
  • The wall tiles are high in quality with thick body and ticker glaze and manufactured using Double Fast Firing (DFF) technology.
  • The tiles are designed keeping in mind the European market standards and parameters.
  • ESPANOL products are well known in industry for their quality and services.
  • They produce rectified tiles for seamless joints
  • There products are 100% quality assured produced by fully automatic Italian machinery
Services being offered
Espanol wall tiles industry offers variety of services. Some of their main services are:
  • Plant capacity: They can produce 9000 sq mts tiles per day
  • Hydraulic Press: With the help of high pressure hydraulic press the stored powder is pressed using SCAMII-ITALY 1400 metric ton. As per history, Surya ceramics is the first company to use this high tonnage press for producing wall tile products. Also, the biscuits are given a shape according to dies that are fitted on the press.
  • Computerized Kiln: The biscuits and glaze is fused using Modena computerized kiln which is an important factor for quality control.
  • Hammer Test: After pressing procedure, next step is strength test. To do so, weight of approx. 35 kgs is hammered on the biscuits. If the biscuits gets broken down it means the biscuit is less strong.

Maintaining Tiles

Life of wall tiles very much depends on the care being done. If he tiles gets a proper care they have a longer life otherwise will be damaged fast. Taking few preventions and precautions the wall tiles can be protected from being damaged:
  1. Cleaning Products: To clean the wall tiles, prefer using good brand detergents. Don?t use very hard and corrosive detergents like acid based ones. Although they don?t damage the tiles but they grout the cement.
  2. Cleaning methods: While cleaning any scars etc. avoid using abrasive materials like metal brush. Using the metal pads will show up scoring but will get scratch and shine of tiles will be lost forever.

Our Mission And Vision

They will achieve excellence through identifying, communicating and promoting:
  • Quality
  • Knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Partnership


    ESPANOL Tiles Capacity - 9000 sq. mtrs. Per day
Special features
  • Fully Automatic Italian Machinery
  • Double Fast Firing (DFF) Technology for better quality & design
  • European Standard & Parameters maintained 
  • 100% Quality Assurance.
  • Rectified Tiles for seamless joints
  • Thick white body and thicker glaze
  • Made from raw materials imported from Spain
  • Eco friendly - using LNG for better quality

The Stored Powder is pressed in the high pressure Hydraulic Press from SACMII-ITALY 1400 metric ton, Surya   Ceramics was the first company to use this high tonnage press for wall tile products. It is here the Biscuits are shaped as per the dies fitted onto the press

The Biscuits and glaze fuse in MODENA computerised kiln. This is most important factor for quality control.

After the biscuits get pressed, weight of approx. 35 Kgs. is hammered on the biscuits to check the strength of biscuits whereby wekk biscuits get broken.