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Ernst & Young Corporate Office

Location: Gurgaon, Haryana, India

The client brief called for a contemporary iconic building which would represent the global eminence of Ernst & Young. The start point for the generation of the form was a software routine developed in-house which would give an optimized form that would be self-shading for select hours in a day for a specific latitude and longitude. The resultant form was then rationalized to achieve elliptical floor plates, where the slimmer edges are in an east west orientation and the longer faces are oriented in the north south direction. The floor plates extend out toward the South and West as we go up, so as to shade the floor directly below from direct harsh South western rays to minimize heat gain. Subsequently, not only is the heat factor is cut down tremendously, but also the indirect sun creates ideal reflected lighting conditions throughout the working hours of the day to completely eliminate the need for artificial lighting and hence cut down energy consumption tremendously.