Epiphanies Mumbai, India, February 2014

About Exhibition:

"Epiphanies" brings together recent and new works by New Delhi based artist Manisha Parekh, whose oeuvre straddles paintings, collage and drawing . Working with handmade paper and organic material she creates minimal works and whose innate energy recalls natural rhythms and biomorphic forms.

Epiphanies is being organised by Dr Bhau Daji Lad City Museum and The Loft. The artworks are divided into series and while some are as recent as two months old (the seven graphite drawings), the others are almost two years old. The 49-year-old artist elaborates about her exhibition, "The works are in conversation with the space where they are being exhibited -  the Bhau Daji Lad Special Project space. It's all about the associations, memories and the location. The materials I have used and their specific energy have also guided me."

Parekh, an alumnus of MS University, Baroda and the Royal College of Art, UK, had worked previously on paper and focussed on the process of layering. She talks further about her work, "Swiss artist Paul Klee had defined his work as, 'Drawing is taking a line for a walk'. My work is also about seeing how a rope length can be given different shapes. These works are organic and close to nature, be it the handmade paper or the tea stains, or jute. The tea stain and ink is of Far Eastern origin. Stained paper was used for Chinese miniature art in the past; the puddles of tea on paper were allowed to saturate the pigments and the colour. Once dry, Chinese ink was used to draw on the surface." The use of graphite is also pertinent, explains Parekh: "It was one of the earliest materials that mankind has drawn with. It's the basic start of art: graphite on paper. All materials I have used are simple, everyday materials. The challenge is to create art out of them. Each material has the potential to speak a language." 

The Museum invites you to a workshop inspired by
Epiphanies by Manisha Parekh
The 2-hour workshop will include an interactive walk through the Exhibition followed by an art activity where participants will engage with the artist's practice of drawing with organic materials and create their own paintings using natural pigments like tea, coffee, turmeric and vegetable colours.
Group bookings only, prior registration required
Age: 6+ years
Cost: Rs. 150 for private schools, free of cost for BMC schools and NGO's
All materials will be provided
Available in English, Hindi and Marathi
Epiphanies Mumbai, India, February 2014