ENSO is a Japanese word which signifies a circle. It is a concept strongly associated with 'ZEN' It symbolises Enlightenment, Strength, Elegance and moves on further to capture the essence of The Universe, and The Void enso represents a moment when the mind is free to let the body and spirit create.

We are a Young, Dynamic and a forward thinking firm, Specializing in Architecture & Interior design. We are three and a half year old firm.Started after having work experience of about 9 years with reputed firms like CnT( Chandavarkar & Thacker Architects Pvt Ltd) and Mindspace Architects, Bangalore We have been duly recognised for our work and also have some awards and publications to our credit.


Architecture for us is an Art. An Art of articulating spatial volumes. Spaces that give the occupants a joy of being there in that space,at that time. we believe and strive to make each project unique and different by responding to the existing context. we believe in being responsible towards ecology and practice sustainable methods in architecture.

we intend to do this by educating our clients about the green concepts and about the importance of preserving our resources. In all our projects we work with and around nature,by bringing natural light,greenery and breeze into the building.

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