Enmach Chennai 2019

(Enmach 2019) The show is a showcase of a wide range of Manufacturing Tools and Services such as new & innovative products, equipments, spare parts related to the Engineering & Manufacturing sector.

It brings together exhibitors from across the world, provides a platform to exchange ideas with each other and tap the industry opportunities effectively. Industrial development is a process of acquiring and adopting new technological capabilities, translating them into innovative products and further implementing the same in the market place. Our show provides the right platform for Knowledge, Technology & Growth for the South African Manufacturing Industry.

Lower trade across borders has been a key impediment to the growth of the manufacturing sector in East Africa. Reports indicate that Kenya has the largest manufacturing industry in the region at 11% followed by Tanzania, Burundi and Uganda at 10.1%, 9.8% and 8.6% respectively. In Kenya, agro processing has the biggest share in the manufacturing sector at 39.7%.

East Africa offers a large young and cheap labor force. The Ethiopian government is building new industrial mega-zones that have successfully attracted some foreign investors who are moving manufacturing from China.

Ethiopia is feverishly working on becoming the world's newest hub for manufacturing and has good chances.Ethiopia currently has one of Africa's fastest growing economies. Unlike others, it is not driven by natural resources, but large public investments with foreign money.

Shiferaw Solomon, the director-general of the Ethiopian government's Investment and Industrial Zone Corporation, is optimistic that the government's new industrial mega-zones and expansion of the textile and leather industry will give the country another push. "We have abundant lands, abundant labor forces, materials, raw materials. Now, we're at a stage of opening up," said Shiferaw Solomon.

Enmach Chennai 2019