A new chain of sanitary-wares comes from the premium brand, Elegant Casa. At Elegant Casa, they always focus to improving the value for money to their end-users, consequently every of their products pass to stern test to ensure quality. Besides the product quality, they also impart prime focus on after-sales services and optimum availability of their accessories and spare-parts to their customers simply at a phone-call.

All the washroom series comes built-in with water-saving technology utilizing 3 to 6 liters in Dual or Single flush. Besides it also keeps noise level low with the S trap technology at the correct degree angle with capable of flushing 6 or 75 Ping-Pong or polypropylene balls respectively in one go. Committed to providing world class technology at Indian prices, they offer products appreciated by architects.

Elegant Casa follows ultra-modern technology meeting health and environment protocols to innovate their products like intelligent and NM glazes with anti-pollution ability, water saving drives ad toilet appliances with two flushing volumes of 6 and 3/6 liters. Besides using greener materials in their products, their toilet appliances have large exhausts ensuring cleaner sanitary.

Besides they also have 200 dealers in 6 states like New Delhi, UP, Haryana to Uttrakhand, Punjab and Rajasthan making their products easily accessible to everyone. Users can also visit their spas to feel their products in advance.