Elegant Marbles, an idea that our country should never deserves less in terms of marbles and granite, turned into reality in 1984.Since then, they have proudly carved a space in their consumer’s heart by providing services to meet all sorts of expectations. Elegant Marbles have been providing tremendous quality, variety and wide product ranges to choose from. Their core state-of-art located at Abu Road, Rajasthan, they have ultimate quality and wide color options to offer to their customers realize all fancies and whims.

Commencing from Italy, France, Spain, Norway to Greece, Czech Republic and Turkey, the Elegant Marbles, utilize technologies from all over the globe to develop their state-of-art sand meet all requirements like soft, romantic, to rich and fiery.

Elegant, in order to ensure quality, utilizes high-end Italian machineries from M/S TemaLonginoti and Breton S.P.A which are capable of producing more than two and a half million granite and marble tiles per year.

Core Values

Be Forthright and Reliable in All Undertakings
They exclude and ignore all sorts of misconception and misleading of customers and vendors to ensure complete information and peace of mind.

Deliver Results No Matter the Circumstances
With them, delivery of the product is never delayed no matter what. They believe in delivery and not in excuses.

Inspire and Cultivate Partnerships
Even with their partners, they involve no hidden phrases so as to ensure partnerships to be successful.

Commit to Innovate and Quality
Besides being very innovative in their products they strive to provide the best services to satisfy their customers

Educate, Empower and Enjoy
They believe to literate their co-workers to facilitate development of relations with clients.

Live Life and Work Hard
With them, working is always full of enthusiasms that assure professionalism and perfection.