Ekaani from Brijbasi Group, BAS Creations Pvt. Ltd., is a renowned brand in the world of Religious and Art for creativity in Calendar art on Posters, Oil and Canvas to Porcelain, Silverware and Giftware. These delicate collections of arts and lifestyle are imported from internationally from Spain, Germany and Italy. To serve the clients even better more stores, boutiques are coming soon through several franchises, dealers and to ensure their product quality, Ekaani has also co-branded with Astra Argenti, Recuardo, Leader Argenti, Enrico Sabadini and many more.

Ekaani has recently launched an exclusive Worldwide Limited Collections of Indian God idols made of porcelain and 92.5% sterile silver, 24 carat gold, brass and Swarovski crystals from top sculptors in the world. Inspired from reputed traditional paintings, these divines, animal and human figures are adorned with mesmerizing colors in precision.

Ekaani Premium Giftware has been meeting elite and corporate clients with their exquisite collection of silver and crystal giftware.

Our Mission: Aimed at innovating and improving their quality solely, Ekaani also aims at improvising the social services to the unprivileged of the society.

Our Values: Ekaani, in an effort to uplift the unprivileged of the society and make them self-dependent, donates regularly a portion of their profits. They care for every life with utmost care helping them to sail through their tough times treating them with utmost care.

Our Approach to put Passion into Action: Ekaani, not only strive to better their product and expand their business prospect, but unlike others they endeavor to end poverty and renovate the lives in need. With their invitation to everyone for buying their products, they ensure that every soul participates in the movement to make lives good.