Electrotech Industries, identified by ISO 9001:2008 (Certificate No. 1071016), and a subscribed member of Water Quality Association (WQA) USA with its officially registered trade mark 'eigen water', followed in  Manufacturing, Marketing, Installation and Servicing of Domestic RO Water Purifiers, Industrial RO Water Purifier, UV & UF Water Purification Systems and their components & accessories, has been remarkably catering to water purification need of Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Segments.


Water is precious to survive to survive on earth but because of pollution, contamination and adulterations water usually gets impure. Earth only has 2.5 % of fresh water. Most of the health related issues are of polluted water. It is now time to use water purification systems in for both domestic as well as commercial purpose to get rid from various diseases such as jaundice, dysentery, diarrhea, gastric, stone, typhoid, indigestion, constipation and viral fever. Every day 1600 deaths are induced by water-related disease.

Marketing Scenario

They are specialized in installation and marketing services. They have made a wide marketing network with the help of a team of professional in sales and marketing.
The product line include :

  • R.O. water purifier
  • Booster Pumps, RO Membranes, Inline Filters, Domestic RO Cabinets, SMPS, UV Lamp, Adaptors, UF Membranes, etc.
  • Water purification plant working on reverse osmosis technology suitable for food processing units, bottled water plant, village plants, beverage industries, swimming pools, textile industry, pharma industry, green houses, ice industry, poultry farms and farm houses.
  • Drinking water Purification system with/without Ultra Violet Sterilizer.
  • Hot and cold Water dispensers with R.O. System inbuilt.
  • Eco Friendly WATER COOLERS with inbuilt RO SYSTEM.
  • Domestic RO Cabinets, adaptors, SMPS, Power supply, Auto flushing valves, UV Choke, etc.