Ego Wall Decor offers the most extensive choice wall coverings to its customers in terms of unique design and patterns to enable them have just the right décor for their walls. Buyers get an opportunity to choose from the best names in the market, which includes the brands like Wallquest and U.S Vinyl form USA, ECO & BORAS from Sweden, and Filpassion from France. Mourner, buyers get to select from a wide range of design and patterns including the ones such as abstracts, stripes, geometrics, metallic, floral, plains, contemporary, and much more. Thus, Ego Wall Décor offers the most affordable and convenient option for bringing about a makeover in any room while also scoring high in terms of quality and design aesthetics. In fact, a grand total of 37 collections, with each of them having extensive range of wall coverings, are on offer.

Wallpaper Made of Paper

Wallpapers made of paper prove to be of high quality and durability because of the presence of two layers, with each of them having a unique function to serve. The embossed and printed outer layer is the visible part of the wallpaper while the inner layer offers support. Moreover, the inner layer remains during renovation after the removal of the outer layer, which is possible in case of quality products. 

Structured (Relief) Wallpaper

These wallpapers have interesting three-dimensional effects on their outer surface created by light and shadow because of a paste with applied to its supporting material. Moreover, the outer layer of these structured wallpapers is removable during renovation, while they are washable and insensitive to light as well. 

Vinyl Wallpaper

This type of wallpaper consists of a printed, and smooth or embossed front side, and supporting material firmly bound to the vinyl layer. These wallpapers are ideal for those areas that are in need of highly robust surfaces. 

Non-woven Wallpaper

These wallpapers have a special fleece instead of the supporting paper layer, while it is dimensional stable as well with no need for any soaking time prior to application to a wall. Thus, it is possible to lay it directly to a bed of paste without having to observe any soaking time. Moreover, it covers small cracks on the wall surface, and is easily removable from the wall during renovation. These wallpapers are available in both the finished version, as well as, the unfinished version where the buyers must have them painted after hanging them to the wall. 

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