Quality, tradition, design and innovation for products dedicated to contemporary wellbeing.

Effigibi has travelled a long way since its founding in 1987 to emerge as the leader in the wellness sector with an extensive range of products in the saunas and hammam categories. Even though the company started out by producing Finnish saunas, it soon diversified to target a much broader customer base rather than staying confined to serving an elite group. They achieved this goal in spite of being meticulous in maintaining their quality of products through careful choice of materials and construction process. Effigibi took the next big leap by entering the hammam or Turkish bath market, which has allowed it to grow to its present stature. Exemplary blending of quality, Italian design, unwavering respect to traditions, and a thirst for innovation has allowed Effigibi to provide truly exceptional products in terms of both aesthetics and functionality to make every home feel unique.

Sicurezza certificataEvery Effegibi article undergoes quality inspections to guarantee its aesthetic and functional characteristics.
To assure their safety, our products are tested with equipment calibrated to preset thermal and electrical values, in conformity to the strictest standards.
Attention to the materials usedIn order to safeguard the environment, EFFEGIBI states that the timber used in the production of Finnish saunas is compliant with the standards PEFC ITA 1002 REV. 4, FSC-STD-40-0003 V1-0 and FSC-STD-40-004 V2-0.
EFFEGIBI products do not contain any timber resulting from deforestation or wood from trees at risk of extinction.