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EFCO India has been a lead provider of in situ Valve Reconditioning and testing Services to a number of leading public and private sector companies all over India, and in a number of neighboring countries over the past 12 years. The company has received certification from the API (American Petroleum Institute) for repair, remanufacture, and services of the valve of various types including the one such as Globe, Gate, Ball, and Safety. Moreover, it offers in situ flange facing work, with the engineers trained by EFCO Germany, which is the global leader in the manufacturing of valve reconditioning and testing equipments, supervising its Mobile Service Teams to ensure quality across its entire range of services.

EFCO India also offers online lubrication and sealing services for the reactive, as well as, preventive maintenance services of the high-pressure valves used in the cross-country platforms and oil drilling platforms, while carrying out turnkey LDAR program to contain fugitive emission as well. The company makes full use of the most advanced portable and stationary valve repair machines that are present at its service centers at Hyderabad, Kakinada, Jamnagar, and Uran. EFCO India has carried out on line testing of safety & relief valves with a leading PC based testing equipment, the Legatest, while providing enhanced technical consultancy for setting up of valve repair shops in the neighboring countries.

In Situ Valve Repair

EFCO India enjoys 12 years of extensive experience in repairing valves in situ for clients all over India, with advanced machinery such as the portable grinding and lapping machines proving to much more accurate and time efficient than the conventional methods in lapping seats and discs. EFCO mobile service teams consist of highly skilled technicians possessing extensive experience in various sectors such as power, fertilizer, and Oil & gas, that perform repair work in accordance with the API standards.


In Situ Flange Facing

The versatile and capable EFCO-TDF portable flange-facing machine provides in situ machining of damaged pressure seating area, as well as, removal of badly worn out control valve seats. This machine is useful in generating the nozzle profile of Boiler Drum Safety Valves, while this is also the latest technology for in situ turning and facing of pressure sealing vessels, faces, pumps, and RTJ grooves.


Leak Detection And Repair Programme Overview (Ldar)

EFCO India offers the most productive and economical turnkey valve repack services in the industry for both the Utility, which includes air, steam, and water, as well as, as the Process including the hydrocarbons, and volatile organic chemicals industry. These services, offered in technical collaboration with Fluid Sealing Services, provide complete documentation for pre-outage and Post outage as well. This extensive project documentation helps in ensuring that no valve remains opened or unpacked, with 3 times check to ensure utmost reliability and complete satisfaction with every job.


Valve Repair Consultancy

EFCO India provides comprehensive Project Consulting services, which encompasses detailed project preparation, memorandum of understanding and technical knowhow agreement. Moreover, it will help its client in procuring all the necessary workshop related machines, tools, tackles, and various other accessories essential for setting up a Valve Repair Workshop, in addition to sourcing specialized valve repair machines from EFCO Germany. Furthermore, it will help its clients in obtaining API certification, as well as, identifying and training manpower for the job.

Online Greasing And Leak Sealing

Maintenance Programmes
EFCO India, in association with OLIVALS, offers two maintenance programs ideal for gate, ball, and plug valves, which includes X.mas tree valves that come with seat injection fittings.

Reactive Maintenance Services
It offers flushing and sealing services, which includes adhoc-on call services for jammed and passing valves, as well as, preventive maintenance services in the form of lubricating, sealing, and periodic flushing of valves in process line, pipeline network, and production field.

Preventive Maintenance Services
  • Lubricating & Sealing (periodic scheduled maintenance).
  • Scheduled periodic flushing & lubricating services to fit client's requirements for:
    • Valves on the pipelines network.
    • Valves on the process line.
    • Wellheads in the production field.
    • X-mas tree valves for wellheads.
Advantages of Preventive Maintenance Programme
EFCO India helps in prolonging valve service life by 50 to 60%, while reducing overall maintenance cost by around 60% through development of a comprehensive valve database for more efficient management of the types or service and maintenance required. Moreover, it increases productivity and reduce valve inventory as well.


Online Safety Valve Testing

The PC based valve testing equipment, LEGATEST, from EFCO India is capable of testing relief valves online, while performing tests at any location including explosion-safe areas with highest accuracy and minimum time because of digital technology. It can perform its job during plant operation thus preventing emergency shutdown during mandatory testing.

Quality Management System Registered

The American Petroleum Institute Certificate

The American Petroleum Institute