Ecoweek London, United Kingdom, September 2014

The ECOWEEK London was International Conference & Sustainable Design Workshops is scheduled to take place in London in September 14-21,2014! The event is expected to attract young architects, landscape architects, designers and architectural students from the UK and abroad.

ECOWEEK participants will spend one week attending lectures and sustainable design workshops assigned real projects in local communities within the city of London. The workshops are led by local & international architects, landscape architects and designers and the themes are selected from real urban projects (social housing, master-plan, landscape, built environment, existing and new construction, design-build small interventions and prototypes, etc.) related to the city. The workshop proposals are presented and made public with the intention of immediate or future implementation. ECOWEEK projects are often adopted by the local communities, like in Copenhagen, for example, where the city chose 17 out of 26 ECOWEEK projects, designed during the workshops, to be further developed and implemented.


W#1 Thomas Kauertz & Anja Markwart, HAWK Hildesheim, Germany 
W#2 Chris Doray, Vancouver, Canada & Ewelina Wozniak-Szpakiewicz, Cracow, Poland
W#3 Oliver Schneider & Maria Tsemani & Olga Koumaditou, London, UK
W#5 Natalia Pantelidou, Copenhagen, Denmark
W#7 Raffaella Colombo, Milan, Italy
W#8 Braha Kunda, Tel Aviv, Israel & M. Leyla Turanalp, Boston, USA
W#9 Martijn Schildkamp, Netherlands 
W#10 Martijn Schildkamp, Netherlands 

Ecoweek London, United Kingdom, September 2014