Eco Park

Major Arterial Road(South-East), Action Area II, Newtown, Action Area II, Deshbandhu Nagar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

The vision for the new Eco-Park at New Town embraces a holistic, systems approach to sustainability that seeks tocreate a balance between ecological regeneration, resource conservation, and optimization with the need to create a recreational urban open space.

This approach offers an additional benefit as compared to traditional models for developing parks and urban open spaces – the added benefit: the chance to create a “living classroom” about nature’s service. Here, as the wet lands are filtering water and the plants are filtering air, people can come to relax or rejuvenate, socialize or seek solitude,and learn first-hand how region’s flora and fauna are benefitting their city.

New Town’s Eco-Park of 480 acres presents an opportunity to create an urban community that values nature as anessential part of quality of life. The inspiration and enjoyment one gets from being close to nature cannot be denied-- the benefits to physical and mental health are well known. However, even more important in an urban setting,ecosystems provide cities with services that are critical for good urban functioning.

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