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M/s Mangla Sons have been leading the roost as among the most committed and quality-conscious of the authorized distributors of TATA Steel flat products. Now they intend to scale new heights and provide unrivalled range and quality of ducting system in the form of the new brand, ECODUCT, which is of sheet metal free from lead that is bound to benefit buildings and life of its users with such an innovative piece of technology. Its topnotch performance as an executive channel partner for TATA Steel with the help of cutting edge technology and a dedicated band of skilled personnel has provided Mangla Sons with the confidence to excel in their latest endeavor.

  • ECODUCT is the culmination of the commitment of its owners towards Mother Nature with the help of innovative technology, which promises to bring forth a better tomorrow for the people and their environment in a sustainable manner.
  • ECODUCT aims to be of utmost use to the people through a combination of technical excellence and innovative technological breakthroughs to provide solutions for better quality of life for the users. .
  • ECODUCT aims to provide the best quality service to its customers for their money, and seeks to exceed their level of expectation and meet their demands in this regard every single time.


Most Ducting sheets contain lead, which is injurious to the health in the form of lead oxide. However, ECODUCT makes full use of its innovative lead free technology to provide India?s first lead free ducting profile, which will allow its users to breathe fresh and healthy air. The growing popularity of the lead free paints are an indication to the future where lead free ducting systems will become the quite the norm, and ECODUCT has taken the pioneering step towards setting that healthy standards in the industry. 

Features of the raw material being used in manufacturing of ECODUCT



    Highest Corrosion Resistance
    Consistent Thickness
    Superior surface texture & Finish
    Uniform & Superior Zinc Adhesion
    Optimum Formability
    Superior paint Adhesion
    Eco - Friendly


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