Tuffstones – Tuffstones is our brand name. Earth Pavers (Hyd) Pvt. Ltd. is the first to introduce western concept of interlock paving blocks in Andhra Pradesh. Being incorporated in 1992, it appeared as a leading manufacturer of Interlock Paving Blocks under the brand “TUFF STONES”.

Earth Pavers is a small scale unit registered with Department of Industries, Government of Andhra Pradesh. It has its registered office in Hyderabad and its manufacturing units are located in Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam and Bhubaneswar. Earth Pavers is a member of APREDA (Andhra Pradesh Real Estate Developers’ Association).

Our initial effort was to focus on residential sector. In 1994, we started getting projects from MCH (Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad) on contract basis. From 1996 onwards, the company started providing outdoor pavement solutions to retail petroleum outlets, located at different places in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Orissa and Assam. We have done paving for more than 2000 retail petroleum outlets. Since 2003, we also started getting projects from Container Corporation of India. So far we have done paving of total 1.7 million sq. mtrs. of which 4.64 million sq. feet is of heavy duty.

We offer a wide range of products that caters the requirements of commercial and individual sector as well. The interlock paving blocks manufactured with us are known for their durability and elegant look.

Apart from the paving blocks, we also gained rich experience in the construction sector. We constructed three retail outlets for Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd and ten outlets for Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. We worked with GMR initially for laying paving blocks at the parking and cargo areas of Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad. Later we also constructed railway sidings for them. There are many other construction projects that we have successfully completed.

Until now, Earth Pavers has offered manufacturing, product research and development of pavement solutions to individual as well as government. Now our main emphasis is on providing total pavement needs to housing lay outs and Gated Community houses. With a vast experience in understanding customer’s requirement, we have introduced many new products that could provide both pride and satisfaction to the user. To make ourselves updated with the changing trends we have launched new variety of pavement blocks aiming at fulfilling the housing layout requirements as well.


Tuff Stones, it is the brand name for interlock paving blocks that are manufactured and supplied by Earth Pavers. As the name, so is the fame. We are known for high grades of quality, affordability, durability, and not to forget its elegance.

Todays designers aim at bringing high levels of comfort at an affordable price. They select products that enhances their creativity and at the same time bound to be durable.

We at Earth Pavers offer solutions to all the outdoor pavement requirements. Our products are easily adaptable either for residential or for commercial areas.

Earth Pavers (Hyd) Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 1992 and was the first to introduce the concept of interlock paving blocks in Andhra Pradesh. We have traveled a long way and established our network in five states of India.

So far, we have successfully done 3.36 million sq. feet of heavy duty paving throughout India for Container terminals and Petroleum outlets.

We offer a wide range of paving blocks that varies in size, shape, color and design, thus satisfies customization. Our extensive range of products include, Concrete paving blocks, Shot blasted pavers, Designer paving blocks, Kerb stones, Solid blocks and Bricks.

Earth Pavers is committed to supply interlock concrete blocks as per the customers requirement and thus achieve high customer satisfaction. Our reputation reflects the quality of our work. Our culture is to provide attention to detail, responsiveness to client needs and phenomenal client service.

Our team of professionals is bound to offer you solutions to whatsoever type of application you are looking for. We are here to offer solutions to Container terminal yards, industries, institutions, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, petroleum and gas outlets, store corridors, gardens, theme parks, gated communities, townships, farm houses, residential houses, etc. to list a few.

We are always trusted for quality and service. Do make us understand your requirement and we will assure to reach your expectations. Follow your dreams as we make path, which takes you to a greatly beautified surroundings.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to achieve leadership in sales and support by developing very uncommon, innovative and superior designs that could bring both joy and pride to architects, builders & developers, housing sector or for that matter whoever uses the product.

Achieve niche in providing solutions to the varying housing sector demand by nurturing new concepts etc through imagination, creativity and innovative skills that could be achieved from continuous research process.

Extend and expand towards real estate development and aim to satisfy individual customized requirement.

Our mission is to establish high standards in the pavement industry in India and to take the industry to new heights of quality and achievement. We aim at providing good quality of product as per the quality norms to achieve highest degree of customer satisfaction. Our objective is to serve the society by adhering to the quality norms and meeting the desired requirements to the earliest possible. We also aim at creating a forming a trend in designing interlock paving blocks.


Our organization has a team of experienced professionals headed by Mr.Kali Prasad, Managing Director. He is a Graduate by qualification. As an active team member, he is always willing to extend his contributions for the successful execution of jobs. Earth Pavers has achieved a lot in his guidance.

All the professionals at Earth Pavers believe in working as a team. They are self-motivated and strive continuously to render best practices. Their individual efforts are recognized and rewarded periodically. We encourage healthy competition and assure maintaining safe working environment to the staff. We provide periodical training to the staff members to keep them updated with the changing trends. This way the staff is encouraged to be innovative and creative.


Earth Pavers has set certain values and always assure to achieve them. To list a few 

  • Conduct of business in the most honest and ethical form
  • Wealth creation from business activities
  • Fulfilling all legal compliances
  • Disclosure of all business transactions
  • Maintaining standards for health and safety
  • Protection of confidential information
  • Adoption and commencement in its true form
  • Quality assurance through proper testing channels
  • Ensure delivery of products as per the pre-decided norms
  • Willingly or unwillingly not to affect customers interest
  • Consider each employee as an internal customer


Being the leading manufacturer of interlocking paving blocks, Earth Pavers has always emerged as experts to any outdoor pavement solutions. Either consider walkways or driveways, porticos or sit-outs, lawns or gardens, we have provided solutions to wide range of applications. After rendering solutions to large number of petroleum retail outlets and container terminals, we have emerged as pioneers in the national market.

  • Our concrete paving blocks provide maintenance free and durable solution that could be suitable for heavy traffic movement areas.
  • The designer paving blocks offers customized solutions as per changing customer trends.
  • Our shot blasted paving block creates an aesthetic surface with volumes of durability added to it.
  • The Kerb blocks manufactured by us are widely applicable at many places due to their functional efficiency.

Earth Pavers owes no particular product to define themselves as expert, as all our products carry their own quality volume. It is our qualitative solution at affordable price qualifies us as experts in the market.

Quality Policy

Quality is never out of reach when a true and united effort is made. Yet it stretches to the reach of anyone wise enough who intend to seek it.

Earth Pavers is committed to achieve the most satisfactory levels of its customers on the grounds of product supply and quality standards. We have trained quality assurance staff to perform in-house quality inspection. Earth Pavers conduct three level of testing to achieve quality standards.

1. Mix Design  We manufacture Blocks as per the customers requirements with the suitable mix design. We manufacture M30, M40 and M50 strength blocks.

2. Sieve Analysis  As per the specifications of IS 15658:2006, sieve analysis is performed for every 15days on raw materials fine and coarse aggregates.

3. Dimensional Tolerance  Paving blocks are frequently checked for its dimensional tolerance on production line.

4. Compressive Strength  After the complete production process, pavement blocks are checked for its compressive strength on seventh, fourteenth and twenty-eighth days respectively.

In addition to in-house inspection, Earth Pavers maintains equipment duly certified by renowned third party inspection agencies from time to time. All the possible steps are been adopted by us to ensure safe and healthy work environment to the staff.

Since its inception, Earth Pavers continued to offer quality solutions to various pavement requirements. In the beginning we worked for Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad on contract basis. But now as we have traveled a long distance, we have a list of clients to add to our credit.

Container Corporation of India Limited & Central Warehousing Corporation Limited We have provided solutions to 14 container terminals spread all over India. It is a place where loading and unloading of cargo containers are done and hence the floor base is required to be very tough and durable. For the total area of 3, 66,000 square meters we used M-50 strength pavement blocks so that it can serve the purpose. We are also doing one PEB Structure for CONCOR at Bangalore.

Andhra Pradesh Trade Promotion Corporation  With total turnkey development of two ICD container yards including allied civil works at Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam, we provided pavement solutions to around 38,000 square meters of area with M-50 strength pavers.

Vizag Steel Plant, Nagulapally, Hyderabad  Total turnkey development for around 35000 square meters of area, with M-50 strength pavers.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Shamshabad  In association with GMR, we worked at the Airport car parking and cargo areas. The total area is around 40000 square meters and the interlock blocks used were of type M-40.

BPCL, HPCL, IOCL, IBP and Reliance petroleum retail outlets  Executed jobs to around 1200 retail outlets for about 13,00,000 square meters of area with M40 strength pavers. These retail outlets were executed in 5 different states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa, Assam and Maharashtra.

Lotus Enclave, Hyderabad and Lotus, Siricilla, Karimnagar  These are residential housing societies. We worked for internal walkways and driveways of these societies, covering an area of 50,000 square meters with M30 & M60 strength pavers respectively.

Srini Developers, Nizamabad  Provided solutions to internal driveways and walkways of this residential building, the area covered was 20,000 square meters with M30 & M40 strength pavers.