The company has a vision of becoming one of the most successful Sanitary ware manufacturer and supplier in the present competitive ceramic industry.

Our mission is to focus on manufacturing in the product which are of best quality as required by the customer.

Improvement of the quality in all the manufacturing process steadfastly as well as education staff and continuous training also processed by Eagle. According to the recent changes in industry the dealers and marketing channels upgrade by them. They established their sanitary ware manufacturing company Eagle Ceramics in the year 1999 located at Morbi. With their team Mr. Pankaj Patel, Mr. Nilesh Patel & founder Mr. Dilip Patel they follow their mission, vision and goals with a strong commitment for company.

To handle their production they have well trained and experienced manpower. Use of modern technology like advanced tunnel kiln, modern glazing units which is suitable for mass production goods is their state of art for the production department.

Based on the recent change in the ongoing market trends and feedback for new designs and methods for the promotion of the product achieved by them and their team. On the ongoing customer preferences the interior designers and architects of them get latest updates.

People, Products and Process these are three pronged focused by them. Very effective in managing quality and moving to higher level without much loss is the system of Eagle.