We are India's most dynamic and innovative company dealing into solid surfaces which offers a range of breakthrough products and makes us the best company in the industry. We believe in incessantly testing and developing new concepts that will enable us to ever more demanding standards of performance.

We want to become and remain the best in the industry by building long term relationships with customers, employees, vendors and society and return the greater value by offering our wide range of products. We are presently operating into interiors division and soon would plan to cater new market area and plan to build a world class manufacturing plant in India. Our products provide solutions for everyday practical needs while also satisfying your desires for a stylish ambiance that transforms your home.

Colors are a crucial part of our life. So, Durlax colors are designed for every lifestyle. Their various benefits are:

  • They are versatile
  • Most hygienic
  • Easy to maintain
  • Most reliable color products

With each day growth, they are planning to enter into Interior division world too. With this plan in mind they will launch a famous world class manufacturing plant in India.

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