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Duplex Apartment In Juhu Scheme
Duplex Apartment In Juhu Scheme

Location: Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Area: 5,000 Sq.Ft

The Challenge: Duplex with a small floor plate had to give a feel of volume and space.

Design solution: Freehand designing/Earthy tones with splashes of colour/Defines the word 'Design'. Each furniture item was picked to fit into the shell and become a part of the interiors with a warm look. Set on the uppermost level of the building with an exuberant terrace above. Large windows facing the beach at one end and a beautiful view of the suburbs at the other.
The tasteful ambience at the entrance is generated with the use of an exclusive floral print on the inclined glass. The house is bounded together by a strong character by using the same material as in the case of wood finishing. The colour palette of the space is shades of brown as in earthy tones. The meticolous placement of accessories and artifacts allow the home to be functional while blending into the design.