Dulux is an international brand in paints industry. It’s been more than 100 years in India now and has become a competitive player in Indian market. It was produced by AkzoNobel. In 2008 AkzoNobel N.V. became the owner of Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd and the company became its member. AkzoNobel India is into coatings, specialty chemicals and paints. Dulux is most popular in decorative coating business while performance coatings business provides solutions to industries and sectors including consumer electronics, automotive, aviation, power, shipping, oil & gas construction, food and beverages and may more. In early days the suppliers where the main customer for the company. But later on with advertising and the introduction of “Dulux Dog” the company became popular among the people. More and more people got the presence of the company. In 2010 to make awareness among people about the painting with bright colours they launched a campaign by the name “Let’s colour project”.

In Australia it is the largest manufacturer of paint products. They provide paints for living room, children room, bedroom, office, dining room, kitchen and many other places. They have paints for the any type of surfaces like walls, metal, wood. They work with technology that’s why they have wide variety of paints for any surface. Apart from the primary colours they also provide speciality colours like stone, pearl, metallic, rock and many more to enhance the beauty of home and offices. Speciality colours are made with help of high technology machines mixing several colours. They have the team of innovative and creative people who design the colour of paint according to the need of the customer. They provide chemicals in India of more than 30 products under Polymer additives, organic peroxides and metal alkyls to composite and rubber industry, pharmaceutical companies and polymer producers. To strengthen its position in Indian market each year company introduces a new product. They have strong distribution channel and network in India.

They believe in quality and safety of the product keeping in mind health, environment and security. For the selection of colours they have provided the Dulux colour wall on their website that contains different colours in different categories if any one finds difficulty in choosing the right colour they recommend to go to the nearest store of Dulux and have a sample pack to get sure.