Duckling Side Board

Brand:Space tale Designs
BrandSpace tale Designs


Duckling series is designed furniture of ‘Urban’ style where the hardware elements become the main design element for it. Here the furniture plays the role of a canvas for the duckling shapes hardware (drawer handle). We use total wooden hardware for it. We finish the top coat with a very low V.O.C. leveled P.U. which is very safe for your health. Duckling side board is a piece of pine wooden furniture and it’s totally hand crafted. The furniture has designed keeping mind about the storage problem in modern day lifestyle. The side board provides you plenty of space inside two drawers so that it can provides you proper solution from now a day’s storage problem. The open niches inside the furniture can be used for keeping books, flower vas, home accents, magazines etc. Except side board one can use it like a console or library unit. It can be used in living room, bed room, study area or library where you want storage.