Dtalks Noida, India, November 2014

The D-talks are organized to promote the idea of interdisciplinary design and freethinking. 

The dialogue series bring together the academic world and the professional world on an equal and energetic platform.Each series of the Dtalks has an independent and unique topic.

Speakers at DTALKS forum on 1st November at TDV !!-

1) Paul Hekkert - Form Theory, UX and Aesthetics Specialist, Professor and Head of Development, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering & Delft University of Technology

2) Jeroen van Erp - Co-founder and Creative Director at Fabrique communications and Design

Dr. IR. Marieke H. Sonneveld - Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology; Former Mentor Master Man & Humanity at Design Academy Eindhoven

Anna Catharina Noyons- Chief Product Officer at Peerby, PhD researcher at TU Delft

Vishwanath Kashikar- Assistant Professor, Faculty of Architecture, CEPT University

Sourabh Gupta- Design Dean-The Design Village, Principal Architect-Archohm Consults
Dtalks Noida, India, November 2014