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Dr.Sudhakar Jadhav
Dr.Sudhakar Jadhav
Dr.Sudhakar Jadhav
Dr.Sudhakar Jadhav
Dr.Sudhakar Jadhav
Dr.Sudhakar Jadhav
Dr.Sudhakar Jadhav

Location: Sangli, Maharashtra, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Area: 269.55 Sq M

Client: Dr. Sharada And Dr. Sudhakar Jadhav

Project Completed: 1999

Plot Area : 519.70 Sq.M

The client couple who is doctors, great lover of nature, wanted their residence on a plot of 519.00-sq m. to be surrounded by nature, having a country villa looks. We thought of offering them NATURE, not only around but also in their residence, enjoying it to the fullest.


The Main concept was to concentrate on both functional aspect and as well as comfort. Hence, the emphasis is more on space designing within the set parameters, to achieve optimal design solutions and yet retain an individual character.

The Project was conceived to develop a natural ambience and to make as little intervention as possible to NATURE.

The balance in landscape and architecture was another point to be considered. Here, both are complimenting with each other than either of them getting dominated. The free flow of landscape into architecture and then again architecture into landscape, flowing in and out gives an entire panoramic ambience soothing environ.

As we enter the gate, designed in wood and steel, we leap into a double heighten porch, a space for car park.

The entrance of the residence leads to a lobby with chipped masonry walled

Courtyard right in front.

Courtyard, an unusual home space, where the greenery gives the overall design mood to form visually delightful interiors. The glare free sunlight pours through the glass roof above the courtyard, permitting an unhindered flow of natural light and ventilation.

The Courtyard is centrally designed in such a way that it becomes a "Core of interaction" for the activities in the living, dining, bedrooms and family room. It's designed in simple multi-squared flooring pattern, proportionately placed landscape, comprising a combination of pebbled areas, water bodies and palms. The double height to the courtyard enlarges the actual space visually.

A gray Cota accentuates the warm gold of the Jaisalmer-stone flooring in the Courtyard.

Colors do have an effect on mood. The energizing vibrant orange colored wall dominates the dramatic living area, filling with a lot of vibrant positive energy.

The zoning of spaces are done in such a way that the outsider's zone is segregate from the hosts. This is done by positioning the living aloof from other spaces...Thus, maintaining the privacy.

The unorthodox style of designing the kitchen was another special aspect. The use of extravagant colored tiles give an art-flow to the space making it a fun - to - work kitchen.

Looking at the dining, a burst of blue color, plenty of sunlight and greenery from the courtyard, adds up taste to the food on the table.

The space underneath the staircase that winds up to the upper floor accommodates the Storeroom.

The Puja room is tucked into a corner near the dining, giving an undisturbed ambience to the person praying.

The Client is a nature lover. Master's bedroom is furnished simply. Its main "nature feature's" the full height window, opening into the Courtyard, which gives the clean and pure air filtered through the green curtain of palms.

Barring the chipped masonry wall shared by the Courtyard, the master's bedroom is devoid of any other major wall-scapes. A walkout into the frontyard leads to a well-landscaped garden with cool breeze flowing in. The room remains cooler by about 4 to 5 degrees as compared to the other neighboring buildings during the hot summers.

The first floor of the residence houses, a family room, children's bedroom, guest bed room, and a semi-open terrace.

The family room is another place where the view takes one's breath away. It peeps into the Courtyard and all other lower spaces, as well communicates with the library placed at the higher level.

The terrace, opens out into area with wooden pergola and glass covering, casting wonderful shadows, forms a place for times of fun and frolic.

The children's bedroom is right above the master's bedroom, achieving similar pleasures as of it. The use of the interconnecting volume (COURTYARD) adds a feeling of transparency and spaciousness.


Material: Spaces alone cannot evoke a mood. It needs tshe cocoon of Architectural style, Colors, Lighting, Textures and so on.......

The blend of stone (GOKAK) with brick work, in construction is wholesome  and has stood with the taste of time, making the facades eternally beautiful. The stone walls are retained in their natural form. Part of the walls, in brick, are plastered and painted white.

The decor borrows heavily from the bold palette. The yellow magnificence of occure Jaisalmer stone flooring creates a sumptuous setting for the warm allure of wooden furniture and wrought iron railing.

The varying raw materials for the furniture, railings and different surface finishes employed in the different area, grant each space a distinct identity.

There was a precise management when it came to drawings given to the contractors and carpenters. The detailing was done to that extent that the final product was achieved as expected. Something more innovative and creative was the design of railings, doors and the credenza in the living.