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Dr. Renu SinghIt is with great pride and privilege that I extend a personal invitation and welcome you into the world of House of Heirloom, where we believe in creating legacy. House of Heirloom can be described as an art theatre or a living, breathing museum celebrating design and artistry. Imposing chandeliers with iridescent crystals dot the skyline of the 3000 square feet curatorial space nestled in Friends Colony Community Centre (right off Mathura Road), while the terra firma is resplendent with silver furniture, objet d'art, carpets and antiquities from a bygone era. As one leading newspaper daily stated, "Entering the soon to be opened art store is no less than walking into a princely castle. You can feel the luxury around in the form of velvet and stone studded curtains, mother of pearl cushions, 100 year old carpets, brocade sofas and golden walls". Very kind words, which inspire us to offering you, our discerning patron, the finest craftsmanship in an old world luxury setting. The creative director, Rahul has worked with 'karigars' across India to craft unique designs and create a world of refinement where Gaitonde, Souza and Picasso overlook a resplendent setting bejewelled with fresh water pearls. A topology of culture, imagery and imagination all culminate into a bespoke setting which is a labor of love. The team of designers at House of Heirloom whose cumulative body of work has enthralled and bewitched patrons of art for many decades including Kasi, Meera Mahadevia, House of Tara, Udaypore and Poonam Bhagat amongst others eagerly look forward to welcoming you into this spiritual haven, where artistic endeavours and pursuits are set to dazzle, enamour and bewitch.

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