The technology is advancing with the running of time and so are the things surrounding us. Earlier, traditional hardware was used in the houses and various buildings for its strength and potency. Now the time has changed and the world has modernized with which the thinking of the new generation is also modernized. People want everything according to the latest technology and trends. Similar is the case with architectural hardware and security lock systems. The traditional hardware and security locks are not prevalent in today’s world.

For this reason only, enormous numbers of hardware and security lock manufacture companies are prevalent in India which provides wide variety of designs and quality products to serve the purpose of every individual. One of the most popular and commonly known names of Architectural Hardware Company which stands on the forefront is Dorset. In 1995, Dorset was established with a passionate view of providing unique and innovative products for architectural hardware, security lock systems and luxury faucets. Due to their experiments with innovative technology, they have established a brand name which is synonymous with the trust, integrity, security and innovation.

    To be a enterprising INNOVATIVE and PROFITABLE major Supplier of Total Access, products for Building and Employer to Create Value For Stakeholders
    "Dorset Inside"
    We shall reach in all building with Innovative Value - Based and Trustable Products
Core Values
  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Customer Delight
  • Respect For People
  • Trust
  • Passion

Philosophy Of The Vision Statement

All the high quality products of Dorset are durable, reliable and have undergone appropriate Research & Development (R&D) procedure before its production. The exceptionally skilled and trained technicians at Dorset provide commendable services to their customers even after installing the products. They are real life innovative genius who has worked out unique and creative inventions for the regular usage of the people. There are so many other things also apart from the designer products which have gained popularity to Dorset across the world.

    As a group we have been at the forefront of innovation. We intend to increase our focus on innovation in products and technologies, organizational structure, and optimizing efficiencies. We also are committed to change management as a way of life to enable us to meet the emerging challenges of the Industry.
Trustable Products
    We take ownership for the consequences of our decisions and actions and similar is with our products.

Manufacturing & Quality Management

Apart from a brand name in the manufacturing of high quality products of architectural hardware, Dorset is also a leading exporter of all these architectural products across the world which has gained them worldwide recognition. From the year of its establishment it has created an unbreakable bond of trust with their customers and is also certified with ISO 9001: 2008 certification which is a symbol of trust and quality. Their featured services for expanding globally apart from manufacturing include R&D in which each and every single product of Dorset is tested. They also provide best quality management to the customers. Thus fulfill all your necessary requirements with the innovations and inventions of Dorset products.

Dorset's Manufacturing Highlights:-

  • JIT, VSM, SPF, Low Cost Automation and SMED Techniques; which are used during tool-manufacturing to achieve faster changeover in production.
  • in house Facilities for CNC.
  • Manufacturing Engineering: it serves as the linkage between design & manufacturing departments by integrating product, product design and planning.
  • YOKE and Kaizen: ensure high productivity and optimum utilization of resources
  • High end CAD-CAM systems
  • Concept Design Cell for 3D Designing & Development, using best technologies systems.
  • Group Shared Facility for Rapid Prototyping & Tooling
  • Fully Integrated Design Cell for new Development & Reverse Engineering
  • Vast Team of highly knowledgeable and experienced designers and engineers overseeing every aspect of manufacturing infrastructure.
Dorset's Competencies:-
  • Designing
  • Tool Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Component Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Concept Design Cell
  • Machining
  • Surface Finishing
  • Lacquering (spray and electro-phoretic)
  • Impregnation
  • Certified Quality System as per ISO9001-2000
  • Follow best quality practices like 5S, TQM, Kaizen & Poka Yoke
  • In house Product Reliability Testing Facility like:
  • Solvent resistance (Double rubs acetone test) - 1000+
  • Pencil hardness (Gauge method load on Pencil approx 2000 gm) - 4H+
  • Corrosion resistance (polished brass) (Natural salt spray test as per ASTM B117) 500Hrs.+
  • Abrasion resistance litres sand (As per ASTM D968 using Ottowa sand) - 18+ (litres sand)
  • UV Light Resistance Dyed "Brass" (Using UV B313 tubes 2 hours UV at 60 deg. C) Colour E change (CIELAB) Less than E 2.0 at 500 Hrs.
  • Sweat Resistance cycle (ANS/BHMA test USA specification) Pass4
  • Corrosion resistance (Zinc die cast) hours - 240+
  • In house Environmental Test Facility
  • Salt Spray Chamber
  • Endurance Rigs
  • Group Shared Facilities for Ottawa sand, load atmospheric conditions etc.
DORSET has been graced with numerous awards for its excellence in prduction, marketing and export of Doorware, Locking systems and Security systems.
Dorset has been Awarded with "Indian Power Brand" 2011 - 2013 as a part of which a momento was presented to Mr. Rajesh Bansal in London on the 12th of December 2011. The award is based on the parameters of brand recall and perception among consumers establishing the presence of the Dorset Group in the market throughout the country.
The "Institute of Economic Studies (IES)" during a Seminar on "Indo-Thai Economic Co-Operation" held on 27th April 2010, awarded Mr. Rajesh Bansal with the "Udyog Rattan Award". Dorset-Kaba Security Systems was presented with an "Excellence Award".
Back in 2008, an 'Award for Export Excellence' was presented to Mars Industries, a part of the Dorset Group, for its commndable performance in the Medium Enterprise in Sanitary & Industrial Casting product group, awarded by the EEPC India.