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The Dornbracht is listed among top most international companies. This is a family-run Company that has received many awards at international awards for the ultimate fittings for bathrooms and kitchens. They have acted as a driving force that is responsible for the trends and developments of the whole industry. Their success story has an age of 60 glorious years working on a principle that “Never regard change as a constraint, but regard it as an opportunity.” This company was established in the year 1950 and since then, it has significantly produced high quality and trendy fittings for bathroom and kitchens.

The Dornbracht is an abbreviation of Aloys F. Dornbracht GmbH & Co. This is a medium sized company that is run by family of third generation and has won several international awards. They proffer a range of flexible and highly customized accessories. They as a global player, have the company’s head office in Iserlohn, Germany. They have attained a reputed and recognized identity in the market due to their adaptation of changing perspective, customer’s demands and progress industry. They believe in quick implementation of innovative ideas thus resulting into increased productivity and potential of the organization. They have a forward looking approach that enables them to cater customer friendly products at affordable rates.


They strive to provide extremely high standard of quality products that are manufactured with reliable raw materials and advanced technology. The quality of their workmanship is ensured by the training and partnership of long-term. The interior designers from top and renowned hotels from every continent are bystanders for their best in class services. A one word answer to their top and unmatched services is "quality" and nothing else. They have established extremely high standards of design, finish and reliable manufacturing materials for the fittings. As per the statement of the managing director of the company, Andreas Dornbracht, the company represents extremely high standards of international level and always strive to cater manufactured products of absolute and genuine quality.

Unique and irreplaceable: the products designed them are completely unmatchable and of unique quality. In fact their designs are a reflection of individual culture and trend in bathroom and kitchens. They accessories, products, fittings and systems are extremely irreplaceable. Electroplating which is the most commonly used process in the manufacture of fittings and accessories, was essentially re-designed in the year 2009 and 2010 which is one of the in-fashion contemporary system for production in the finishing of chrome, gold and platinum. The company claims of minimal wastage while finishing the components.


They have a sound knowledge of using true-to-date technology with the traditional designs and patterns of fittings. As a leading company, they have won international awards. The international directs attention towards the Iserlohn-based company. The company is capable to fulfil the customers' requests and integrating the technical innovations in the production process. The commonly seen solution in this industry is large rack based system of electroplating which is now replaced by four modern production methods as two variolines and two Gavarolines. This has resulted into competitive benefit because of the reason that both of them can be exchanged individually thus the company can respond to the customer's demands and requests more quickly. The company became also enable to integrate the innovative technicalities into the process of production.

Production technology must take second place to design: The high quality products catered by the Dornbracht, include electroplating that is the important and value adding process in the production of reliable and trusted products. Electroplating is the most commonly used process by the Dornbracht , which has added value to their products and services.

Progress through flexibility: The electroplating system followed by the company is applied to all the areas of production. The company provides quick assistance to the customer's demands and needs. Their basic conception behind modular approach is to progress and develop with great fleaxibility so that the customers can get exactly what they want and expect from the company.

A To Z Services

  • Ambiance Tuning Technique (ATT)
      Ambiance Tuning Technique (ATT) stands for technological scenario competence in the bathroom. Uniquely sensual water experiences and harmonious choreographies of water, light and fragrance are created in a virtuoso interplay of architecture, design and intelligent control technology.
  • Balancing
      The BALANCING scenario creates equilibrium and balance and gives a sense of security. The harmonization of all senses. (AMBIANCE TUNING TECHNIQUE)
  • De-Stressing
      The DE-STRESSING scenario relaxes, calms, shuts the organism down, quite literally pressing the personal 'off button'. (AMBIANCE TUNING TECHNIQUE)
  • Energiziing
      The ENERGIZING scenario gives new energy, recharges, gives power. All senses are animated, stimulated, the organism is rejuvenated. (AMBIANCE TUNING TECHNIQUE)
  • eSwitch
      Communication and power supply between eVALVE and eTOOL. A service port on the eSWITCH also permits configuration and diagnosis.
  • eTool
      Control panel with a minimalist design that fits in perfectly with the overall look while offering the greatest ease of operation at the same time.
  • eValve
      Electronic valve that enables remote control of water outlets for the first time.
  • Comfort Features [Komfortfunktionen]
      The exact, pre-set temperature and water volume with a flick of the wrist- No problem. Comfort features for SMART WATER, such as automatic bath filling or the warm-up function in the shower offer even more added value.
  • Performing Water
      PERFORMING WATER stands for Dornbracht's water competence in the bathroom. And particularly for the variety of forms with which Dornbracht products offer people water: water in the form of rain; water as clear, powerful stream; water as powerfully pulsing or as a gentle, enveloping jet - the encounter with this element could hardly be more wide-ranging.
  • Readjust
      SENSORY SKY The READJUST choreography sharpens the senses - with fog, warm rain and a pleasantly soft fragrance of a dry forest floor.
  • Relax
      The Foot Bath The RELAX scenario stimulates, relaxes and warms. Once the feet have been submerged in the warm, shallow water, the temperature and water level gradually climb - until you leave the foot bath, relaxed, 15 minutes later.
  • Release
      SENSORY SKY The RELEASE choreography is as cleansing and liberating as a summer cloudburst - accompanied by a fresh, tropical fragrance.
  • Rejoice
      SENSORY SKY The REJOICE choreography protects, envelops and stabilises. Water drops glisten in all the colours of the rainbow. And in the air there is a poetic, inspiring fragrance.
  • Smart Tools
      Sensory Sky controlsATTand Foot BathATTChoreographies are easy and convenient, thanks to the digital SMART TOOLS. These can also be combined with series such as MEM, Symetrics and DEQUE.
  • Smart Water
      How can digitally controlled fittings facilitate activities in the bathroom? The SMART WATER control concept offers answers: e. g. through helpful pre-set settings and helpful functions for everyday applications. Or through fascinating choreographies with multiple outlets.
  • Scenarios
      Pre-programmed choreographies of water flow and water temperature at the various outlets, in part supplemented by fragrance and light moods.
  • Transforming Water
      TRANSFORMING WATER stands for the transformative effect of water on people when used in the context of scenario-capable systems of products.
  • Vitalize
      The Foot Bath The VITALIZE scenario refreshes, invigorates and gives fresh energy. A full four jets massage the reflex zones on the soles of the feet, pressure of increasing intensity and changing temperatures.
  • Water Modules
      Everyone can design a bathroom to suit his or her own personal preferences, with the WATER MODULES developed by Dornbracht. The new, specialised outlets support applications not only functionally but preventatively as well. The outlets used in the AMBIANCE TUNING TECHNIQUE stem from this programme.
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