While designing the interiors of your house, each and every single thing is kept into notice whether big or small. Every small or big thing which is used should be matching with the overall interior of the house. Similar is the case with the hardware products. In any kind of architectural work, hardware equipment plays a significant role. No architecture gets completed without hardware. There are majorly two types of hardware which are commonly used in any architectural design. They are: Door hardware and Furniture hardware.

There are enormous numbers of hardware manufacturing companies in India which provide various kinds of door and furniture hardware to the people according to their needs and requirements. One of the maestro companies in this industry is Dores which has come out from the reputed and prestigious name Ocean Enterprises. Hardware has always been provided strength and potency to any architectural building. Whether it is residential homes, commercial buildings or professional offices, Dores have been serving to all their customers with high quality, extensive design and durable hardware products according to their requirements.

The ultimate products of Dores have provided strength and prosperity to enormous numbers of commercial and residential buildings since 10 years. The creative and innovative team of Dores provides exceptional quality of the hardware products by looking after each and every particular thing from the design to the material of the products. The high standard designs of their hardware attract the attention of various customers towards them. Their workers really work hard and bring out the typical Italian designs of the hardware to impress the people of all ages.

The workers at Dores generally work on the principle of “Designing by Sense”. They believe that their exceptional designs should please all the five senses of an individual. Thus keeping the requirement and choice of the people in mind, they develop such brilliant designs of hardware which cannot be imagined. In terms of raw material of the hardware, they are also very much concerned and dedicated to pick the finest quality material which is also durable and possess long life. For this reason, they make use of German standard stainless steel in their products which have high durability and long life.

Their wide range of products include door closers, door locks, cylindrical door locks, Door hinges, drawer and wardrobe sliders, cabinet hinges, aluminum profiles, cabinet handles and many more. All these range of products are available at reasonable and competitive prices at Dores. Apart from the price, they also carry a warranty of 5 years or sometimes a life time warranty on their products. Dores is the most trustworthy and reliable brand name in the field of architectural hardware manufacturing industry.