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Doha City Masterplan
Doha City Masterplan
Doha City Masterplan

Location: Doha, Qatar

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Doha is designed as a sustainable city, its urban fabric defined by a green web, and a fertile green crescent, where , along the corniche, the Old city, the New Institutional City , and the Manhattan like West Bay development will coexist, displaying the difference and chaotic diversity that defines contemporary cities.

The defining aspect of this design however is the fabric of the city itself. A palimpsest, it overlays on the structure of the existing automobile city - a series of layered networks. The Blue Layer responds to the presence of a high water table by dredging an Array of Oases, networked by wadis and waterways, its lace-like character resembling the Arabesque. This creates a series of waterfronts within the structure of the city, a modern day Venice, for the word Qatar itself is derived from catarrh , which means the constant search for water.

The Green Layer demarcates the self sustaining communities. Designed as a green web, it forms a transition from the central park to the fabric of the city and the desert beyond. The narrow green fingers, articulating shaded public spaces, souks and streets, surrounded by houses and community buildings- its scale and narrow linear character responsive to climate and its Islamic context, while simultaneously infusing life into the community spaces. Each web enclosure is scaled for pedestrian travel and trams, encouraging public transport and placing amenities in 10 minute walking distances.