The DLF Company do not need any special introduction and recognition. The company was established in the year 1908 with a dream of its founders to be renowned worldwide for its reliable and honest services. Since then till now, the company never looked back and is continuously growing with a constant pace and a motto to cater customers with quality and best in class products. It has multiplied its staff since 1908 and has acquired a position of most dynamic and trusted company. They are a successful and world leader from more than a century growing constantly.

In their long journey of success, they have learnt to respect and accept the differences in theirs and culture of others. This is their prime vision followed and reflected in their customer friendly solutions. The company understands the customers’ expectations and demands from it and thus efforts its best to fulfil the needs and meet the expectations of its esteemed customers. A number of renowned and top notch business houses are included in the clientele of the DLF flooring, that is enough to guess the standard and reputation of the company globally.

Values From The Heart

The Company got its origin from Scandinavian and European roots but in spite of the fact, it has recorded its presence globally. They adapt the cultures and respect them completely in their services operated by them. They are recognized as a flexible and large organization and are capable to meet the challenges with the global presence. They have employees having talent and sound business knowledge which is their strength and sets them apart from others. They are proud of their employees and their dedicated skilled work. They continue to explore and find the innovative ways to cater best of the best services to the esteemed customers. They intelligently utilize the visions and of new possibilities and opportunities.

    This is a company that has its roots from Scandinavia and Europe. They have recorded worldwide presence. The most important fact about them is they respect and admire the cultures and markets and their work is inspired with the same. They are an outsized and supple venture and their worldwide presence allows them to enhance the level of challenges they face and strive to surpass them efficiently.
    Their entire work is based on professional and expert skills that include sound business knowledge which is pursued by their well versed and highly qualified team members and employees. They are enough talented to use the timber intelligently and it's all over characteristics. Whatever they do they take pride in it, and the entire business is conducted very decently along with giving respect to the people and customer they deal with.
    They believe in exploring new and innovative business opportunities to expand their business as well as cater their customers nothing but only with the best. They utilize them as well with a lot of creativity. They pursue a strong will power to develop and grow their business with a constant pace, no matter whether it is via organic growth or by getting hold of more ventures and enterprises.
    They strive to make their as transparent as possible internally as well as externally. Sharing their knowledge and expertise, they try to move towards and amalgamate with the other unprejudiced thoughtful minds. Besides, they respect each other's culture and are unhesitant to share bad or good news in the group.
    Their business is conducted very responsibly and they adhere to high level standard and ethical standards. And this validated for internal and external co-operation. They have taken on the criteria to respect the environment, social responsibility and human rights according to Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR.