Divya Gulechha

Divya GulechhaTo summarize is to talk very concisely about various facets of oneself! I can describe myself as a student of architecture used to sleepless nights and trying to reinvent the wheel; as a young architect in secure jobs learning the nitty-gritties of practical design solutions; as an entrepreneur who thought that six years of job experience is good enough to start your own firm; Somewhere, things have fallen in place. Somewhere I am running a design house, competing with the best in the market. Somewhere this design house has established a name and raised standards in architectural design.

There is this constant need to understand the larger context of the space and its impact on surrounds; be it climate driven, the commercial aspect, goals of a program, materiality or cultural sentiments. This is what we play on and this is the core of Cinnamon Design Studio. Somewhere, in all this, I belong.

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Divya Gulechha