Dipti Rajesh Solanki Dubey

Dipti Rajesh Solanki DubeyA member of the core committee and a lead expert of strategic business interventions and human resource management. Due to her strong leadership and entrepreneurial abilities she heads not only the Human Resources department but also the Public Relations of the company.

Dipti is an HR and management expert and holds a Masters degree in Human Resources from the Welingkar Institute. She has received several awards in her previous engagements. She has been mostly on the consulting front and hence has an immense exposure of handling HR of various industries. She is adept in putting HR systems from the scratch and developing a full-fledged HR department.

Dipti always strives for excellence by devising crme-dela-crme strategies, increasing business efficiency and high employee morale. She is a firm believer that people needs to be valued and respected for organizational enhancement and to bring about a paradigm shift.

Work Experience

Head - Human Resources And Public Relations

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University Of Mumbai
University Of Mumbai

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Dipti Rajesh Solanki Dubey