Dinesh Thakur

Dinesh ThakurAn architect by qualification, Dinesh graduated from L.S. Raheja College of Architecture in 2008. He has been with the organization since 2012. A highly matured and diligent individual, Dinesh derives his creative skills from his father. With an experience of over 7 years, he brings a high level of design aptitude to the table. Besides possessing excellent sketching and drawing skills, he is a self taught photographer who thrives on the visual arts. In addition to his creative ability, he constantly strives to educate and motivate his team. Clearly a team player, he harnesses a positive work ethic in the studio. In his free time he tutors at a NGO for visually challenged kids. Lives by the mantra? It starts when you carefully put two bricks together. There it begins ? Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe.

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Dinesh Thakur