A unique boutique dealing in designing & manufacturing of interiors and furniture founded by Dimple Kohli about two years back upgrading its services manifold by joining hands with designer Rahul &Gujan. In such a short time, Dimple has already catered to many high profile requirements of interiors & furniture, not only in NCR but also outside NCR &India.Qboid Design House has already penetrated well into its target audience's mind.

The inspiration of this exclusive boutique's name comes from the word from 'Cube', as it symbolizes length, breadth and height, the basic tenets of furniture making. It is believed that the dimensions of a cube are the beginning of what eventually evolves into a home, the stepping-stone to an ideal home that everyone would desire to live in.

In earlier times, with the exception of the royal and the elite upper class, indulging in home decor, experimentation of interior design was elusive for the masses. But times have changed. With the emerging focus on nuclear families, rising levels of literacy and the growing economy, the demand for living in luxury and style has increased tremendously. The desire to satisfy this demand has enthused the birth of this brand.

The designs and products created at Qboid, are provided keeping in mind the customer's profile, taste and preferences. This specialty boutique is more synonymous with concept selling. The ultimate goal is not to sell in bulk, but to create an exclusive piece of comfort and luxury that resonates in perfect harmony with the customer's lifestyle. By working with the customer right from the stage of idea generation to the completion of the final product, makes Qboid design house the quintessential abode for all things stylish and luxurious.

Personal Details
215, Second Floor, South Point Mall Gurgaon, Gurgaon, Haryana, India - 122002



Phone:+91 8130655611

Owner: Dimple Kohli

Founded: 2011


Nature Of Business