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Developmentof Assi Ghat
Developmentof Assi Ghat
Developmentof Assi Ghat
Developmentof Assi Ghat
Developmentof Assi Ghat
Developmentof Assi Ghat

Location: Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Project Work Status: Ongoing Projects

Client: Up Jal Nigam

The area of intervention is located at Assi Ghat, historically the southernmost end of the historic city of Kashi. Environmental improvement is proposed in a holistic manner in an area which will include about 250 M. on either side of Assi Ghat and about 250-500 M. inland. The area includes the four significant Ghats- Assi, Ganga Mahal, Reeva and Tulsi Ghat.

The project includes various proposals for the convivial use of the riverfront:

  • Visually and physically disconnected Ghats to be connected through continuous promenades proposed at two levels.
  • Uneven kutcha riverbed on the Ghat edge which is highly unsafe during low water levels: Submerged bathing platform proposed.
  • Silting of the river bank especially towards Tulsi Ghat
  • Inappropriate and ad-hoc development of public spaces on the riverfront such as Chowks, squares etc. These will be redeveloped to create suitable spaces which are needed for the pilgrims and the visitors.
  • Ghat Infrastructure and Pilgrim Amenities shall be improved by providing change rooms, toilets, drinking water points, seating, etc.
  • Inadequate lighting to be augmented with solar PV plant based LED lighting.
  • Sporadic and unorganized Kiosks/Stalls to be organised.
  • Facilities for traditional communities such as Pandas, Mallahas and the Nais to be provided.
  • Extension of the Ghats and providing parking for MVs, NMVs., para transport stands for auto and cycle rickshaw, a small crafts market, Boat management office (on the lines of pre paid taxi services), Area maintenance office and stores, life Guard Facility a two storied booth for police and life guard services.