Design Work Shop is a firm where they provide designing services to hoteliers and real-estate developers. The firm is led by Sita Nanda, chief designer and CEO incorporated in the year 1984.Design Work Shop has ability to stand among the leading design service provider companies. With support of their team of highly skilled managers, craftsmen and designers they become a reputed company in this domain.

The first Indian who gained a success in NY fashion industry is Sita Nanda. Founder of Design Work Shop was an explorer of fine arts, antiques, silver and carpets from around the world. Now they are presenting it at their showrooms in India.

They endeavors to serve the unique designs to the clients that meets not only requirement but also comfortable for everlasting.

With support of Shanauli her daughter she occupies master’s degree in decorative art history from Sotheby’s Institute while working on mughal jewels catalogue of history at Christie’s mughal jewelry auction. Shanauli was grown up around an elegant and creative environment. She started to work as astore planner at Arpels and Cleef in New York City.

They are indulged in delivering their designs for comfort of generations to their clients.

Personal Details
E 42/5 Okhla industrial Estate, Phase 2, New Delhi, Delhi - 110020

Phone:+91 9810078465/+91 9310478465

Owner: Sita Nanda

Founded: 1984